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Pre-arrival video: House fire in Clovis, California.

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Video from kencharlotte of a fire yesterday that started outside of a home in Clovis, California in Fresno County and spread into the house. At about 6:30 in the video it appears a relief valve on a tank gives way.


The fire started outside the house and spread in through a window and into the attic.

One person was inside the home when firefighters arrived and was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation.



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  • andyafdresq1

    Way too long to get water on the fire, why pull a line off that doesn’t have a nozzle on the end? And how about the backup man on the 2 1/2″ actually does some work and takes the nozzle reaction for the pipe man so he can use the line effectively

  • Coffee time

    Step 1: walk in front of structure to make sure there is fire.
    Step 2: lay out the lines and make sure they are pretty and straight on the street.
    Step 3: attach a nozzle to the line
    Step 4: signal for water from the pump
    Step 5: flow water to let air out
    Step 6: put on mask and gloves
    Step 7: check for fire and spray a little water on it if seen
    Step 8: really start to work when 2nd engine gets there so they don’t make you look bad.

    Really guys? Put a little urgency in your step already. At least look like you are interested in your job! And while you are at it, need to look at those operating guidelines again.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s an idea. While waiting for water, which seems to take a very long time, let’s put our mask on. Why would you wait for water, open the nozel for 3 seconds and then shut down to don your SCBA? Both ffs did the same thing. While we are proud of our ability to remain calm and take our time the public sees buildings burning down and wonder why we are not putting water on the fire.

  • Mack Seagrave

    Looks like a fire department that needs extensive training in firefighting basics (Rapid donning of full PPE, Rapid stretching and placement of attack lines, proper operation of attack lines and nozzles, team work while operating handlines, how to rapidly size up a fire scene and take appropriate action…). As a firefighter of many years, this was painful to watch. I hope the Chief of Dept. sees this video and pulls the personnel involved from the field for re-training before folks die as a result of fireground operations such as this one.

  • Just sayin

    Not good for CAL fire. I hope they watch this awful operation and learn from it. Sure it’s only one angle of the job, but it tells alot. That fire required a lot more urgency then we saw. The icing on the cake was the pudgy back up “firefighter” who failed the nozzleman miserably. My guess is the camera man stopped filming right before the nozzleman got up and clobbered that guy.

  • Fire21

    Now I understand! We’ve been doing it wrong all these years. Apparently the idea is to move slowly, string out hose after hose, look around…all with the purpose of letting the fire die down a little before applying water. If you look, the fire intensity actually does decrease a bit before they finally get some water on it! And when the pressurized container vents off, be sure to look it over and not do anything.

    I don’t know how far Stockton is down the road, but these guys might ought get ahold of them and see what they can learn.

  • Old Man

    Gota agree, That back-up man on the second line (2 1/2″ ) is about worthless

  • WillMega06

    Can you say Master Stream!! How can you even think of attacking this fire with your standard size handline, Blitz Fire if you have it. My hometown firefighters are killing me! Almost anytime I see Fresno, or Clovis on here i’m in for a lesson. Fire21 is right, Stockton is on it! Them and SF are probaly the most aggressive departments in the Golden State.

  • cjb

    I agree with the above posts. The fire is not waiting for you, lets step it up and put it out. If you cant charge a handline, how bout trying the deckgun for starters.2 and a half with no nozzle,long time to get water, using an inch an 3quarters with that amount of fire, come on guys.How bout making them aware that the propane tank is venting. Epic fail here, but I guess these guys will tell you it was all good. Every fire goes out eventually.

  • OldSutterOne

    The news report said that on arrival there was one person in the house with smoke inhalation. Fresno County/Cal Fire runs lightly staffed engines as far as I’m aware. That could explain the delay of water on the fire.

  • Anonymous

    it seems that they learned their firefighting thru are government, dont waste any energy and do as little as possible

  • Commenter

    Did someone say bumper turret? Anyone? Anyone?

    • Matt Pills

      Nope, no one did :)

  • Unreal

    It’s like they wanted the fire to go out by its self so they wouldn’t have to do anything. You know like thinking if you wait long enough someone else will bring the trash to the dumpster so you don’t have to. What a joke.

  • Anonymous

    As a california Firefighter, I am appalled at how slow these guys were.. Unreal! No sense of Urgency what-so-ever!!!

    At a time when we are trying to save our jobs, videos like this do the fire service no good!!

  • Former Chief

    Fire21 hit the nail on the head. Can these guys go ride with Stockton for a few tours to see how it’s supposed to be done?

  • Scooter

    Wow these clowns ever been to a fire before? They need to do a ride a long with Stockton and learn to put some zip in their step…and how to fight fire. Commnents above right on. No wagon pipe. Get a 1 3/4 line run so you can place it between the fire and house. Wagon pipe not a good angle. 1 3/4 good water and easy to move around. Glad I don’t live in their district. Strike Da Box! K GET THE FIRST LINE RUN AND GO TO WORK 98% OF YOUR PROBLEMS GO AWAY ! SO TRUE K

  • FOBS

    1st in Engine 85 is staffed with 3, second in Engine 86 staffed with 2, Ladder 87 staffed with 3, Clovis Fire all staffed with 3 and the water tenders with 1 PCF.

    It depends on the shift how much giddy up you get.

    With the volume of fire seen in the video, I would have dumped my tank with the deck gun followed up by hand lines.

    I agree, this wasn’t Cal Fire/ FCO’s best effort.

    Stockton is about3 hours north, too far to be of any real help! ;)


    Hustle much?
    Hustle ever??

    With a 30-40′ diameter column in the sky as you approach, even in Cali, it probably isn’t a Cheech & Chong Fan Club meeting. Expect fire.
    When I saw the first stretch of 2 1/2″ I was expecting a portable monitor to appear. Oh well. I wonder if next tiem he does such a pretty job of stretching more line out he’ll lay it right on top of the first length so he has to dig it out again.
    About 3:50 into the 2nd vid, which starts with the engine already parked, to charge the first line. Wonderful. Even if 2 of your 3 man crew are dealing with the resident inside, any chauffer worth his salt can stretch, charge and put an exterior line in service in less time.
    Nice performance by Chubba Whubba, too.
    And, yeah, that pressure vessel venting under fire conditions … don’t worry about that. Geez.
    FOBS, this is definitely not the Giddy Up Shift. Might as well start Stockton, the fire will probably still be there waiting.

  • BH

    Did the 2.5″ nozzleman even have the bale open all the way? Pretty sure that was a smoothbore, which sure as hell shouldn’t look like that when open.

    Of course, if I had Chubby there for a backup man, I’d probably gate back too….

  • Anonymous

    I like how the citizen said he was a retired firefighter and that there should be water on the fire in about “30 seconds”. At least that’s a much better goal then the debacle we saw on this video.

  • Big Mose

    I agree with all of the above except for the bumper turrent. These guys need to get some hustle in their bustle. Geez are they terrible or what?