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Helmet-cam: House fire in Adams Township, PA.

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This is video from Station21Truckie of a New Year’s Day in Adams Township, Pennsylvania (Butler County).

From Adams Area Fire District website:

Adams Area Volunteers were alerted for a structure fire at 109 Lakeland Dr. in Adams Twp. Chief 19 arrived on scene to confirm a working garage fire and dropped the second alarm. Chief 42 arrived, established command and called out Level One Operations. Engine 42 arrived under the direction of Captain Capuzzi and advanced the first line into the structure to start suppression. Tower 42 under the command of Asst. Chief Mann, split crews and went to work. Interior truck crew opened up with the engine crew and outside truck crew secured ground ladders to the structure. Engine 19 established water supply to feed Engine 42. Engine 42-3 under the command of Captain Llewellyn advanced a 2 1/2 hose line to the second division where they encountered high heat and heavy fire. Both division hose crews worked diligently to hold the fire to the place of origin.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • 8truck

    Told yins western PA is better than the east haha

  • Matt

    Its truly heart warming to see Firemen doing their job and fighting fire from the inside out! This video is a true testimony in showing all the key board firefighters out there sitting in front of there computers Monday morning quarter backing and coming up with new safety reasons to fight fires defensively. Well played MEN!

  • BH

    Great attack, but at 1:20 we can see the engine blocked out the truck. Under normal circumstances the tower driver could probably beach it on the front lawn no problem, but not with 2 feet of snow on the ground.

    Did I hear correctly that they pulled short? Either way, I give them credit for making an attack that most departments wouldn’t.

  • Harry Rampe

    I am not a big fan of helmet cameras,but i liked this one.Good interior work by the first people inside.WELL DONE!!

  • play4keeps

    Nice job…

  • Capt 452

    Get some boys Get some!!!

  • ShamrockCapt

    Amazing what happpens when you put the water directly on the fire isn’t it? Not only does the fire go out but you keep the comments about your video on Statter below 12!!!