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‘Come on, move the car stupid!’

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I imagine the statute of limitations is long expired on this one. Above is one of three 1990s videos posted to YouTube yesterday by Edmund J. Haemmerle III (the43k) riding along with FDNY’s Ladder 123 in Brooklyn. The best part is at :24 into the video as Ladder 123 leaves quarters and tries to navigate through traffic. According to the description, the officer used the PA for a very direct message to one driver.

Below are the other two videos. Make sure you check out the firehouse tour. Enjoy this look back to almost 20-years-ago.

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  • JustSayin’

    THANK YOU, Dave.!!!!

    Laughter is good for both the soul and general health.

    I laughed sooo hard with tears running down my face that I could hardly breath.!!!!

    PLEASE, keep these Saturday Comics coming.

  • Fire21

    Wow, first video, they didn’t even slow down at those stop-light intersections. I wonder if most depts today consider them more dangerous and at least prepare to yield if needed. Mine does.

  • Aardvark

    In this day and age, the Officer would be fined, fired, then charged with a hate crime……….

  • Cappy

    I know one of the salty ole captains from 123 Ladder from back in the day.What an interesting guy to talk with. Things were a little different back in the 80’s–90’s.

  • Anonymous

    “Dispatcher tree tree oh.”

  • Anonymous

    I see New York was full of useless idiots back in the day just like it is now!

  • JustSayin’

    Well said, Anon

    I must submit a small correction..

    It’s not that BFDNY is full “full”.

    It’s just that 97.6% make the rest look so bad.

  • John W

    I did that Christmas day on I 75. It felt good.

  • mark

    Lucky guy, he just did what anyone who has ever ridden the seat wants to do at least once.