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Early but brief video: House fire in Rockhill Furnace, PA.

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This is a lot shorter than most videos we run, but it shows a lot going on. A well involved house fire, arcing power lines, firefighters pulling hose off the pumper and one lonely firefighter waiting for water. This fire occurred Friday afternoon on Valley Street in Rockhill Furnace Borough, Pennsylvania (Huntingdon County). Click here to watch a news report.

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  • Scooter

    1 3/4 really ? WAGON PIPE! Strike Da Box! K

  • cappy

    Master stream appliance… dump the tank on it as water supply is being established.. oh yea.. protect some exposed structures also. Maybe a bumper turret would help right? LOL

  • Fire21

    Perhaps there was a huge delay in getting a water supply which this video doesn’t show. Anyway, I’ll never understand how a fire in an urban setting can get going so strong before someone sees it. Seems to happen all the time.

    • Hayden


      • Fire21

        Knowing what our rural looks like, this is urban to me!

    • willowbay

      I agree, I can’t understand it either. Did no one see smoke, or a bit of flame, before this?

  • Scott

    You’re right, that wasn’t much.

  • Harry Rampe

    Defently a wagon pipe operation.Engine was parked n a bad spot,under primary electric wires and guy on nozzle should not have beenwhere he was.Live wires overhead and a burning pole is not a good situation.


    I guess we’ll have to assume they pulled the 1 3/4″ becasue they don’t have a deck gun on that rig … and they don’t carry a bigger handline … and we can see from the view that there is no bumper turret on that engine.

  • Chip

    Old homes don’t take very long for the fire to make headway.

    • mdff

      I disagree, older homes take longer to become well involved and maintain their structural integrity much longer than new light weight(typical) wood construction.

      Should of used a deck gun on this. Like to have seen more, especially how long it took them to establish water supply and when did another unit show up. The end results although are easily predictable.

  • Anonymous

    Daytime response from a little VFD that runs about 100 calls per year.

  • Capt 45-2

    I don’t care if they run five a year, even my 15 y/o son that is a junior member would know that was like bringing a knife to a gun fight !!! I would love to see what happened when he got water

  • OIC of this call

    Deck gun was placed in service first, directly after that video stoped and while the deck gun was being placed in service a 2.5′ smooth bore attack line was placed into service and three 1.75 attack lines were deployed to the back of the home for exposure control and fire spread, Water supply was established immediatley while the deck gun was doing its job, and the result as you said, was a second floor collapse, and the porch roof fell off, but the house is still standing in one piece but gutted. You seen the first 25 seconds of the engine arriving, you didnt see the entire event unfold, it takes more than 25 seconds to get water and pull hose, its easy to assume when you dont have all the facts.

    • Sharppointy1

      Thanks for giving us the rest of the story. Wish there was more video.

  • Scooter

    TANK WATER! then while flowing water worry about getting you supply line hooked up! Like the old chief told me get the first line in service (this case wagon pipe) 30 seconds or less and most of your problems go away… Strike Da Box! K

  • IL. Lt.

    OIC of this call-Really! it’s not about water it’s about training guy’s not to get killed by obvious hazards. the building is a gonner and nothing could survive in that amount of heat. I don’t care if you saved the building their going to tear down anyway. If you really were in charge give yourself a day off!

  • Capt 452

    Control fire spread and exposures but no SCBA in a fully involved building??? I am assuming he is a trained FF and not a probie, I know in some towns (not mine) people are allowed to carry gear in their POV’s and respond to the scene but you still need full PPE to do the job, more so a dangerous one like this with a HUGE chance for escalation of hazards and members. If he is a trained firefighter and I was the OIC he would have a month off to think about it. I agree 25 sec is not a lot of time; it is about how much time you have a make a plan and put it into action but a snapshot in time can speak volumes, glad everyone went home budd stay safe.

    By the way did the transformer on the pole ever become an issue that sucker had to pop too..