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Topless teen found on back deck of burning Santa Cruz County, CA home. Oceanfront fire considered suspicious.


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Cathy Kelly, Santa Cruz Sentinel:

A fire destroyed an oceanfront Geoffroy Drive home on Sunday night, and the cause is considered suspicious due to a partially nude woman — reported missing earlier in the day — found on the back deck, Central Fire Protection District officials said.

The cliff-top home was vacant and is used as a vacation home, Central Fire inspector Mike DeMars said.

Firefighters received a call from a neighbor about 10 p.m. and arrived to find flames shooting through the roof of the two-story Craftsman-style home and a partially nude, incoherent young woman staring at the fire from the back deck, DeMars said.


Firefighters said when they arrived, 20-foot flames were jumping out of the roof and a partially naked 19-year-old woman was standing on the deck of the house, staring at the fire.

The topless teenager, whose name was not released, was incoherent and she was taken to Dominican Hospital to be evaluated. She was later taken into custody for questioning, however, investigators did not say if she was considered a suspect.

The beach house is owned by a Fresno man, Dennis Parnagan, who uses it while vacationing in Santa Cruz. Parnagan walked with firefighters around the charred remains of his beach house on Monday, and said he hopes to rebuild it.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • 95%er

    wait…did anyone else catch that comment…the interior of the house was fully ablaze and the firefighters couldn’t go inside and put it out.

    ummm…hmmm…isn’t that why they call us? you know, to put out fires that are burning on the inside of structures?

    • FFBrad

      Its called a defensive exterior attack. No use in sending firefighters into a home that is written off on arrival especially with no occupants inside. Its that kind of gung-ho mentality that adds to the LODD list. Firefighter safety is priority…not some empty vacation house.

      • 95%er

        so outside FFBrad, you are saying that all structures where the interior is ablaze but their is no life hazard should be written off with defensive attack?

        i would call that the gung-NO mentality.

        if you want to be rally safe, take a job in the fire prevention office issuing fire extinguisher certificates.

        • Tree

          Given the toothpick and cardboard (held together with glue that melts well below fire temps) construction these days, it’ll probably go to the ground even if we do initiate an interior attack. No sense having it come down on our heads in the process.

        • FFBrad

          No i’m saying all fires that are as involved as this one the video..that much fire venting on arrival. you can go in if you want. but i’m setting up a couple 2 1/2’s deck guns and ladder pipes. I value my life and the lives of my brothers..risk a little to save a little..risk a lot to save a lot. there was nothing worth saving here..a home that was beyond saving anyway? no thanks

        • Anonymous

          Congratulations, your gun-ho mentality just saved you a foundation! Stop acting like your shit don’t stink and get a life.

          • 95%er

            if this is what the fire service is coming to, i don’t want to live anymore. that was a manageable interior offensive fire. we call that…firefighting. i have quite the nice life and it includes interior firefighting on a regular basis.

  • GaFireCaptain

    They were too busy brawling over who got to “rescue” the topless 19-year old off the rear deck to make an interior attack………..


    Dave, I’m losing faith in humanity; not a single comment about the topless 19 year old.

    • dave statter

      You spoke to soon CHAOS. I just approved yours and one that came in before you.

  • Fire21

    I’m agreeing with Brad and Tree. I’ve done a lot of interior firefighting in 37 years. There’s a time to go in and a time to not. This was not! I would have set up a 2-1/2 at the front door, but I’m not going any farther until I get some certainty that the fire is reducing. Nobody’s life was endangered except the responders…take care of your own.