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Check out this video: Firefighter kicks man off ledge to save his life.

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We have seen many videos showing firefighters around the rest of the world generally handling people threatening to jump to their deaths differently than we do in the United States. A lot of the clips are of firefighters intervening and grabbing the person as someone distracts them. But the video above is a little more unique. In this case a firefighter kicked a man off the ledge onto the airbag set up below. No indication where this occurred (or when … it could be old for all I know), but I found a somewhat similar move from a bridge incident in China a while back.

In the U.S., there was the lawsuit settlement in San Fransicso from the 2006 incident where a firefighter’s intervention didn’t work out so well.

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  • http://none Engine 5er

    The other day, a young man climbed over the fence and over the rail of a high bridge in the afternoon. He stood on a narrow, small ledge for afternoon, evening, night, next morning and next afternoon threatening to jump. Police tried to talk him down. The kid had stamina despite hunger, wind, sleet, and cold. No bathroom. No sleep. As I watched this video, I would have done the same thing.

  • Capt

    Cool video but if we did that here in the US that guy would turn around and sue the firefighter!!

  • CLT_FF

    wow…glad he didn’t miss the bag.

  • cappy

    Customer service delivered the fire house way.

  • Da Truck Dude

    Wax on….wax off! That was a nice kick to the spine. He almost kicked him off the pad.

  • skeletor-1

    Reminds me of the movie “The Incredibles”

    Oliver Sansweet’s Lawyer: Mr. Sansweet didn’t asked to be saved. Mr. Sansweet didn’t want to be saved. And the injuries received from Mr.Incredible’s “actions,” so-called, causes him daily pain.
    Bob: [lunging towards Sansweet] Hey, I saved your life!
    Oliver Sansweet: You didn’t save my life, you ruined my death, that’s what you did!

  • Capt 45-2

    Love wacko bags,,, LoL they are fun to jump on for “training” good job

  • John W

    Where do I sign up to kick people off the billboard catwalk?

  • RJ (in florida)

    between the uprights….GOAL!

  • BH

    “Some people just need a kick in the ass to get going in life.”

    Oh… you took that literally. Awkward….


    I think a more accurate headline would be “Firefighter kicks man off ledge to wrap up this circus and get back to the station and dinner”.

  • Motor City Madman

    Or, as someone on Facebook said, “it must time for dinner”…

  • That guy

    Where is the Bumper Turret, it fixs everything else…lol.

  • Marcus

    @ statter, Saudi Arabia is where this occured according to a Fox News affiliate in Phoenix, AZ.

    • dave statter


  • xray

    funny video,but please dont try that here