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Highland Park Firefighter Scott Ziegler’s 15 minutes of fame goes into overtime. Uses helmet-cam to advocate for firefighters on ABC’s World News Tonight.

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Two weeks ago we noted the helmet-cam videos we’ve been running for the last year from Highland Park, Michigan Firefighter Scott Ziegler were about to get a much wider audience thanks to writing about his year-end review video. What we didn’t know is just how wide that would be. Besides the video now at more than a million views, the coverage by the mainstream news media would be the dream of any fire department PIO.

While I have called Scott Ziegler the hardest working firefighter in the U.S., representing a lot of hard working firefighters who are employed by underfunded, understaffed and overworked departments, he, at the moment, seems to be the most famous firefighter in our country.

What is great about this is that Scott is using this fame for good. As you will see above in his latest national platform, ABC’s World News Tonight, Scott is making sure the public understands their local fire department needs their support when budget time rolls around. And he throws in a fire safety message too.

Congratulations Scott. Above is the same video that has gone viral but without the music soundtrack. Scott alerted me last week that he posted the natural sound version for people like me who are old and enjoy it without the music. Thanks Scott.

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  • Sharppointy1

    OOH, I like the natural sound version MUCH better. Excellent work, Scott! And an excellent budget and safety message too.

  • RJ (in florida)

    Good Job showing folks what its like but i understand that some FD’s dont allow helmet cams in case it shows “too much”. i think they are a valuable tool because every fire is not a straight up job and people need to know that…Good job Scott

  • CLT_FF

    Excellent video and excellent delivery of the message. Fire Prevention and awareness as well as budgetary considerations. We all owe Scott for helping us get this message out, nationally and we all should follow in his footsteps and do the same thing. Dave is providing us with expertise and instruction on how to get the message across. We all need to take note and follow – it’s not easy for everyone, but it’s effective.

    • dave statter

      I would love to say Scott is one of my students, but he figured all out on his own.

  • Steve Fry

    Great job Scott, as you said, I wish too, that the people that sit in the offices for cities and municipalities crunching numbers would watch this and maybe they would have a different outlook on our job. Let a fire start in their home and someone needs rescuing, they would want as many as us on scene as possible. Thanks again brother and be safe out there.

  • MichiganFF

    Nice job Scott!

  • Anonymous

    Blah blah blah fire departments need more money union line union line

    • Anonymous

      And non union departments don’t have to worry about budgets and staffing?

      • Kevin

        Highland Park FD is not a union department.

        • HPZ

          Yes, HPFD is a union dept.

    • FMCH

      Obvious troll is obvious

  • Michael

    DeadlineDetroit mentions that one of HPFD’s engines is out of service following a collision. I hope that they’re not talking about the recently donated E-1, but after seeing the ABC video I fear otherwise… Does anybody here have some more information?

    • HPZ

      It was the newly donated E-1….right now we are limping our old e-1 to fires. We purchased a 1994 engine a few months ago and are waiti8ng for delivery. Hopefully this week. And our insurance is totallying the new one and cutting us a check to relplce it. So its not all bad. Hopefully we will be getting a new ladder truck…or new/used soon as well.

  • Art of Fire

    Anonymous blah, blah, blah,

    What is it that attracts you to these blog? The vast amount of fires in this country are extinguished by union firefighters. So why bother paying attention to this site? And if it’s just to blast your anti union rhetoric, well, move along, there is nothing for you to see here.

  • HPZ

    Brothers, thank you. I was reluctant to do the interview with national news, as I did not want it to seem like I was drawing attention to myself for personal reasons. But after some co-workers explained that I could definitely use this for some good for our profession, I went with it. Your words here make me happy I did so. We need to get our message out there. People need to be constantly reminded of what we do and how dangerous and stressful it truly is.
    I will keep making videos, trolls will continue to bash them, KICs will continue to critique them lol…
    Be safe brothers!

  • Anonymous

    Highland Park isn’t union….just so you guys know that so hold the union line bullshit…..everyone knows that fires go out weather there’s. sticker on the truck or not…..EMS 4 life!

    • Anonymous

      Highland Park IS a union shop…You have been misinformed. We are unfortunately not in the IAFF. But we are in a union. Aways have been. Always will be. That being said, Union or not, all fire depts need help. They all have to pt out fires and protect lives.