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Highland Park Firefighter Scott Ziegler’s 15 minutes of fame goes into overtime. Uses helmet-cam to advocate for firefighters on ABC’s World News Tonight.

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Two weeks ago we noted the helmet-cam videos we’ve been running for the last year from Highland Park, Michigan Firefighter Scott Ziegler were about to get a much wider audience thanks to writing about his year-end review video. What we didn’t know is just how wide that would be. Besides the video now at more than a million views, the coverage by the mainstream news media would be the dream of any fire department PIO.

While I have called Scott Ziegler the hardest working firefighter in the U.S., representing a lot of hard working firefighters who are employed by underfunded, understaffed and overworked departments, he, at the moment, seems to be the most famous firefighter in our country.

What is great about this is that Scott is using this fame for good. As you will see above in his latest national platform, ABC’s World News Tonight, Scott is making sure the public understands their local fire department needs their support when budget time rolls around. And he throws in a fire safety message too.

Congratulations Scott. Above is the same video that has gone viral but without the music soundtrack. Scott alerted me last week that he posted the natural sound version for people like me who are old and enjoy it without the music. Thanks Scott.

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