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Must see close call video: Mound of snow almost knocks firefighter off of aerial ladder during rescue.

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The Mirror:

The Russian emergency service worker was trying to rescue a child from a flat fire when he was struck on the head by the snow.

It knocked him backwards and despite being clearly dazed he managed to hang on to the ladder until a fellow firefighter came to his aid.

The footage shows a colleague passing over him to grab hold of the toddler and take him to safety.

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  • Fire21

    As the man in the car chase video said, ‘HOLY S&*%!!’ Amazing he held onto the ladder!

    • willowbay

      I agree, and I hope he is OK, he went backwards quite a ways and must have hit the ladder quite hard. In retrospect, it might have been an idea to extend the ladder first and hit the snow and knock it off or at least find out how stable it was. I’m glad he hung on, he came right out of his glove. Fire21 I saw Dave’s video of the car chase too, and that was also one amazing coincidence. Stay safe :)

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  • Harry Rampe

    Only one word can discribe this.UNBLEVEABLE!

  • Scooter

    Glad the Russian Brother is ok… dangerous job worldwide…. Be safe and Strike Da Box! K

  • no name

    and today’s learning lesson is…

    “situational awareness”

    jesus man that was pretty obvious that it was going to happen.

    • Kathy

      and today’s learning lesson is……..

      How did you know?”

      “moron you read the headline”

      God knew it WHEN the snow would fall but nobody else did.

      Stupid people who sadly think they are smart make me angry. I have to get past it. Still a teacher along the way should have told “No Name” that he was an idiot and helped him to live with it. Instead the self esteem movement inflated his tiny mind with cabbage gas and look at the result.

  • David S.

    Good Job By Everyone, but may I ad they have some of the weirdest turnout gear and equipment that I have ever seen before.

  • He

    That’s one hell of a chassis on that truck,,,,,lets go 4 wheelin!!!!!!

    Hazard mitigation,,,they should have raised the ladder above the hazard,,lowered it a little, and knocked the snow overhang off,,,,,,,,just an idea,,,,