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Pre-arrival video: House fire in Loves Park, IL.

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Video from RockfordScanner of a fire today Forest Hills Village in Loves Park, Illinois.

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  • Cappy

    Holy snikies!!!! Someone please call mutual aid for some guys to help pull this line off the truck!!
    Really… Who packed… and I mean “packed” the hose load on this truck??? Great video to reinforce the fact that it’s the basics, or lack of executing them… that bark and bit on the fireground.
    I’ll be double checking our rigs in the morning to make sure the finish on the loads look ok and not jambed up. Some one should get out the ifsta manuels and review some basic loads.

  • Bob Sacamento

    i thought that was the best hose deployment i have ever seen….today….at 8pm….from this video…from a Loves Park engine…

    practice my friends,

    rudewag will love the 21/2″, should’ve used a bumper turret

  • Scooter

    WTF was this. I sure hope knowbody was trapped. 2 min 15 sec to get water, pulled two 2 1/2’s on a trailer fire! A trailer fire! No zip in their step just milling around to run lines. Looks like they had enough people walking around to cover their command postions for a mutiple alarm fire! Come on man…. 1 3/4 to the front door (30 seconds or less), open the pipe and push in…. game over in about 1-2 min… I sure hope the smaller hand lines are racked lower than the 2 1/2…. Strike Da Box! Train train and train somemore… K


    A full minute to get the first line off the rig?? Priceless.

    Gotta love that “grab the nozzle and walk away” line deployment, too.

    Anyone else notice the “tsunami” charging of the second line?

    Hope this isn’t normal ops for these guys.

  • Anonymous

    Rudedawg does love the 2.5″ deployment. No “grab the 1.75″ crosslay all the time” in this department! Then they pull another 2.5″ line! May not have been the best hose deployment, but they did pick the right size. Lots of fire=Lots of water.

    • mark

      Hate to say it, but if you think that was a lot of fire……..

  • CoffeeTime

    Why do they always send the shortest guy to grab the highest, biggest hose load??
    Obviously they have not pulled a line in a while, even in practice. Talk about a Keystone Cops operation already. Guys, practice, practice, practice. Pull the line, deploy, pack the line. Now do it again 10 times, every week. Wow.
    Next weeks drill, how NOT to turn your inside team into lobsters.

  • Old guy

    I think a neighboring department must have super-glued the attack lines to the piece.

  • slackjawedyokel

    Does a fog push fire ??????????? I rest my case

  • Fire21

    There’s a time to be reapin and a time to be sowin. A time for plantin and a time for plowin. A time for straight stream and a time for fog

    • Cappy

      I just finished dinner at my favorite restaurant. Used a fork and a spoon.. oh… and my… the best tool for the job at hand.

  • Crowbar

    If you’re listening RockfordScanner, I’d like some audio.

  • Cosgrove

    Another poor fire engine design..

  • Anonymous

    Love all the comments from not one person that was at the fire.

  • LP Supporter

    Just curious of all you Monday morning quarterbacks that are leaving comments and have no idea what you are talking about….how many of you were at this fire at 2:30 in the morning in single digit temperatures and wind chills below zero? How many of you have fought a fire in this trailer park with a PRIVATE water supply? How many of you have trained with that department or fought a fire with them? I am on a department that runs calls and trains with them on a regular basis and I would take them over any of you making these comments any day!!

    You guys never had a call that didn’t go exactly perfect? All you guys never had a little trouble on a call? Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

    You guys are a disgrace to the fire service. Whatever happened to the brotherhood or ‘got your back’? I would be ashamed to post what you guys have posted about your brothers.

    Loves Park you keep doing what you do and you can have our back any day.

    • CHAOS

      Was it the time, temperature, wind chill or the trailer park’s private water supply that gave us that wonderful, unrapid attack line deployment? By your comments, it was obviously some uncontrollable outside influence.

      As far as your “brotherhood” & “got your back” comments, you’re obviously new here, or maybe just new. We’ve had numerous discussions about which is a better example of brotherhood:
      1. Letting people keep doing dumb, stupid crap over and over until it catches up to them and then going to a funeral while trying not to look yourself in the eye in a mirror.
      2. Recognizing that doing dumb, stupid crap is inherently more dangerous than smart firefighting, and having enough concern for your fellow firefighters to point it out in hopes of it getting corrected before it gets someone hurt or killed.

      Which is your definition of “brotherhood”??

      • LP Supporter

        Which is my definition??? Making sure everyone goes home safe and unhurt. There was nothing at stake, no life and no other properties. It was an abandoned and empty building that was being torn down in two weeks.

        Chaos, if you’re one of the guys rushing to hurt and kill our fellow firefighters than maybe you should grab a pen and paper and sit next to Coffee Time and get taken to school and learn a little risk management.

  • LP Supporter

    And furthermore, how many of you know that the structure was vacant and abandoned and was scheduled to be removed and junked in two weeks???? None of you. Why? Cuz you all are running your mouths without having all the facts.

    As far as the comments about speed and how they moved at the fire….two words: Risk Management. You guys that are rushing and risking when it doesn’t need to be done are the reason that firefighters are getting hurt and killed.

    And Coffee Time, maybe you should spend a little less time behind the coffee cup and bashing other fire departments and a little more time researching risk management. If you are sending crews into abandonded and vacant buildings with heavy fire showing, then maybe you should get a pen and paper and come sit in my Risk Management class. You might learn something.