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Early video: House fire in Machesney Park, Illinois.

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Another video from RockfordScanner. This was yesterday afternoon on Colonial Drive in Machesney Park, Illinois. No injuries reported.

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  • BH

    Am I the only one getting no volume on his videos?

    • dave statter

      No audio on this one.

  • mdff

    I hope they eventually opened the roof.

  • Anonymous

    O I see now those cylinder things on there backs have something to do with being able to go INSIDE the building thats on fire instead of waiting for it to burn its way out to you. I think.

  • Cappy

    Good to see some brothers gettin a good knock on this one.

  • Scooter

    Thank you Machesney PK !!… Great Job Making the push… Great team work 3 person crew working to keep the line moving….saw zip in your step… I was getting worried after seeing the last video from Illinois. Be safe keep up the good work and strike da box! K

  • Scooter

    Almost forgot NICE LINE SELECTION 1 3/4 and look how quick the fire get darkened down and how easy they moved it. other video trailer fire, two 2 1/2’s and it burned and burned and burned…. got to go get it and put the wet stuff on the red stuff… .Great Job again ! Strike Da Box! K

  • cbj

    so if two 2.5″ lines dont do the job the correct choice would be to go smaller? Those who can’t handle the bigger line either don’t train on it often, have never been instructed at all or have rarely used it. As for this job about the only thing I can say is PLEASE remember to stay low.