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Early video: House fire in Greenlawn, New York on Long Island.

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Video from Mike P of a house fire late last night in Greenlawn, New York (Suffolk County).

Steve Silverman, The Huntingtonian:

The Greenlawn Fire Department responded to a house fire on Sinclair Drive and Manor Road, on Friday night, January 18, at about 10:40 p.m. Upon arrival, firefighters found heavy fire involving the garage and a vehicle parked in the driveway, which quickly spread into the attic and first floor of the one-story ranch home. Greenlawn firefighters stretched several handlines into the house and began an aggressive interior attack

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  • Mike Pollan

    I was the one who shot this.. The video does this fire no justice! This fire was intense and moved real fast! Great Job Greenlawn FD for responding so quickly!!!

  • Fire21

    Yeah, but I didn’t know they made engines without water tanks. This one apparently didn’t have one, cuz there was no evidence of water application until supply was established.

    And what an inconvenient kink in the supply hose that NOBODY bothered to remove!!

  • Scooter

    Look close I think they dumped the tank through the wagon pipe. Strike Da Box! K

  • Anonymous

    They could have had a solid 3min’s of water flowing from an attack line prior to establishing their water supply….. Slow attack. Overall, they put the fire out eventually

  • LeatherHead17

    Guess all the FDNY vollys were working in the city when this call came in…..

  • My Mom

    From the looks of the front yard, they must operate on the,”10 in-10 out” concept.

  • FUhaters

    maybe if they someone recorded when first due got there when they dumped water from the deck gun to try and knock down

  • fatguy

    take it from the people who weren’t there



  • Cappy

    Interesting to watch…. keep em coming Dave.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe everyone commenting on the preformance of the greenlawn firemen should rethink their judgment, i dont see any of you running towards a fire to help your community.

  • Rob

    Re: Mike Pollans comment & video I’ll give you 1000 to 1 odds that he had allot of Amo. in the house. I guarantee it, because I know of it. Why would the Greenlawn FD want to get near any house like that. Hurray for the Second Am.

  • pace

    i agree with damico