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Early video: House fire in Tampa, FL. Firefighters get Sniffles.

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Video from Tampa Fire Rescue (TampaFROfficial) from a house fire at 401 Janette Avenue on Friday afternoon. The second video below shows firefighters saving the family’s pet.

No people were inside, but a gerbil named Sniffles was rescued by a firefighter and given to the family.

This fire began when a teenage boy was cooking chicken and fries and the grease caught fire on the stove. The kitchen quickly filled with smoke, setting off the smoke detectors, and he could not extinguish the fire, fire officials said. 

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  • Fire21

    As we’ve pretty much agreed, a life saved is a life saved, be it human or animal. I’m sure Sniffles’ owner is pleased with that result.

    Fire attack…looked to me like they were pretty unprepared on arrival. JMHO.

  • @ElwoodBluez

    This is a a personal pet peeve of mine. That first ladder thrown to the ‘A’ side – really? Only one rung past the roof line? Guys, please, make it easier and safer for everyone. Get that ladder at least 3 rungs past the edge! Also, the angle it was placed at left a lot to be desired, especially when you have a chain saw in hand. You could easily have moved that palm tree out of the way. Stay safe.

  • http://msn retiredFFin SC

    Unprepared you think so?? Nice new coats , I hope they were new??

    • BH

      Or, maybe they just believe in properly maintaining their gear instead of using it to declare their penis size.

  • Rescue1

    Another video with the stupid fan!!! Smh….

    • Fire21

      The fan is ok here. Using them for positive pressure after knockdown is proper use. We do it all the time in my dept. Haven’t had adverse effects that I can ever remember.

  • Cappy

    Hey rescue… did someone almost toast you in the past with the wrong call on starting the ppv fan. If so….. I hate it… but give some people the benifit of having a sense of when to use it and when not to start the blower. It appeared to me the verticle vent ops here could have been called off based on the conditions I saw… but hey I was’nt there and the benifit of the doubt always should go to the guy on scene.

  • HoodLT

    Was opening the roof on this job vandalism or good vent tactics? Can’t tell how advanced the fire conditions were from this POV but appeared to be knocked down quickly. Just asking a question.

    I use to have my penis size written on the brim of my lid in big letters but after I went to a couple jobs you couldnt read the writting anymore. Oh well.

  • Big Mose

    What’s with the two guys throwing the ladder and they’re wearing “T” shirts? I looked in IFSTA Essentials 5th and couldn’t find the knot that guy tied anywhere. Maybe it’s in Jones and Bartlett….. Nice touch with the accountability tag waving from the “D” ring on the helmet.