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You’ll want to see this: Teenagers throw snowballs at firefighters on a fireboat. Guess what happens.

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(NOTE: A comment to claims that this is actually a bridge cleaning crew. There is no correction on the original story from the Daily Mail, but there are a number of comments from readers also indicating these aren’t firefighters but are a crew working for Leeds City Council to clear the underside of the bridge of debris. So much for believing a UK tabloid. Still it’s funny.) 

Daily Mail:

This group of excitable youngsters need to learn to pick their battles after they started a snowball fight with a group of firefighters and ended up completely soaked.

New footage has emerged online showing a gang during Britain’s latest cold snap causing trouble in what is believed to be Leeds.

The video shows a firefighter standing on a boat about to use a giant hose when a cheeky teenager on a bridge above throws a snowball that hits him on the head.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    Sometimes your stupid just shows through. We were washing the engine once, I had a garden hose. Totally losing my mind, I attacked the guy who was using the 1-1/2″. Needless to say, I’ve never done THAT again!! LOL.

  • AW

    Sad thing is, if we ever did that here in the US, we would get some time off without pay, and I am sure a lawsuit would be filed by the poor “victims” within mere moments of getting wet.

  • Ladder5

    sadly if this happened in America, the mayor would have had those firefighters suspended , investigated and left out to dry…

  • Crowbar

    The kid brought a knife to a gunfight.

  • Roger Melchior

    During snow storm riots in Baltimore in 79 we had folks snowballing us as we slowly moved in 3 foot drifts, night shift had it worse, they got shot at, cops were like no where.

  • 8truck

    I’m surprised this kind of stuff doesn’t happen more often. From what I hear and read they treat their emergency personnel like crap over there.


    This video should be shown in every middle school and high school in the country, along with some others to demonstrate some of the results of gross stupidity. It would be a good start until someone figures out how to teach common sense.

  • Bob

    That is not a fire-boat. It is a bridge cleaning crew. They clean the underside.

    Not everyone with a hose is a fireman you bunch of wankers (and whackers)

    • dave statter

      Hah. So much for believing the tabloid press in the U.K. There is no correction with the original story by the Daily Mail but a number of readers wrote into the comments that this is a crew working for Leeds City Council to clean the underside of the bridge. I added a note to the story. Thanks.

  • Sharppointy1

    Very funny and predictable too. The teens are silly wankers. I agree with the rest of we American posters, had that happened in the USA the bridge cleaners would have been disciplined. What they should have is a pat on the back for teaching some pissant teenagers not to throw snow balls a working men armed with a good capacity hose!