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Raw video: Fatal fire in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

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Video by Matt Gregoire () of Providence Fire Videos from a fatal fire early this morning in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Here’s Matt’s description:

Shortly after 6am on Tues January 22, 2013, a call reporting a house fire on Boulevard Avenue came into the Lincoln Fire Alarm office. Upon arrival, heavy fire was showing from the basement. One of the occupants, an elderly male reported to fire officials that his wife was still inside. Firefighters attempted to enter the house but due to heavy gas fed fire conditions, they were forced out of the building. The elderly woman was later found on the 1st floor.

Besides heavy fire conditions, firefighters were also hampered by frigid temperatures. It took almost 3 hours to bring the fire under control.


Homeowner Henry Barry, 90, made it out of the house but his wife, Jeannette Barry, did not survive the fire.

Henry Barry was in the basement when the fire broke out. His wife was in the bedroom on the first floor. “I went upstairs to try to get her, the fire was too much, I managed to get the door open to let some of the smoke out, but couldn’t get back in, I had cell phone and called 9-1-1,” he said. 


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  • FLFF

    So my first thought is, seeing all the dressed and ready FF’s on the scene – “parallel operations.” Rescue on the first floor and water in the basement windows as a simultaneous operation. And why do I always see guys with white helmets itching to grab a hose line or staring into a window to gauge how much red he sees? Yeah… the callar was on fire and getting worse! Stand back and keep an eye on the big picture to help your IC, help your FF’s to do their job to the best of their abilities and to stay alive.

  • JW

    If it hadn’t said fatality, I’d have thought it was a controlled burn. How about doing something productive guys!?!

  • Bob Sacamento

    why is everyone so hung up on not puting water on the fire? its through a window, so what! what is the difference if it coming out a window or the front door? put water on the fire then it goes out or stops spreading. it is usually difficult to make the stairs in a residential basement fire especially if there is rooms and divisions down there. water through the basement window would TCB in a second, if you are worrying about steaming a potential victim then keep letting it burn and they will burn for sure. I’m sure someone with keyboard firefighting experience will disagree but reality shows if you put the fire out everything gets better.

  • Fire21

    Very sad that Mrs. Barry died, may she rest in peace. Unfortunately her husband no longer has a home either.

    Here’s what I saw: 1) The ladder truck was parked in a slightly wrong location (unless the wind had switched on them). 2) I feel they were quite delayed in applying water through the basement windows (unless it was delayed to keep steam from the 1st floor search). 3) While the 1st floor and attic burned, I saw little if any evidence of firefighting ops until late in the video.

    These are my observations from what I saw in the video. As usual, there were most likely things happening that we can’t see and don’t know about.

  • massjake

    cellar nozzle ???

  • Fire21

    Oh yeah, and if you’re gonna vent the roof while wearing an air bottle, wear your mask too!! Ever seen flame come out of a vent hole? And why breathe smoke while you’re up there working?

  • Anonymous

    Stick the damn nozzle in the basement window and the fire will go out.

  • Fire4

    How about knowing some more factors before ridiculing the firefighters that are there. The fire had over a 30min head start. The homeowner spent all that time trying to locate an odor of smoke. Once he did find it tried to put it out with a none work extinguisher. Met with heavy fire venting basement windows and dispatched with report of everyone out. Arrive on scene and told everyone is out. then told that someone is in there. tried to push in and several floors already had collapsed into the basement and to come in from the second floor to the main floor where the stairs went was already compromised. It’s easy for everyone to sit back and get all over everyones case on here but lets see what all you monday morning quarter backs can do better.

    • JW

      What I do know is that nobody was doing anything, allowing the fire to spread at will.

  • Anonymous

    Fire21 says;
    “I feel they were quite delayed in applying water through the basement windows (unless it was delayed to keep steam from the 1st floor search)”

    Steam will give you some burns you will recover from. Fire and smoke from that fire will kill you. That fire could have been put out quickly through the windows, it would protect the search and with the fire out a better chance for survival for the victim. Poor tactics.

  • FLFF

    Fire4 says

    “How about knowing some more factors before ridiculing the firefighters that are there. The fire had over a 30min head start. The homeowner spent all that time trying to locate an odor of smoke. Once he did find it tried to put it out with a none work extinguisher. Met with heavy fire venting basement windows and dispatched with report of everyone out.”

    It seems to me that you’re doing a little Monday Morning QB’ing, yourself. You didn’t know all that you know now – then.

    None of the guys all airpacked-up seem to be aware of what you are NOW telling us and how could they? I watched a lot of guys standing around with no job to do. Guys out in the street by the trucks. At least eight or ten guys were standing around on the A-B side with no job to do. It’s what they’ve been tauht. And if you take a look at the video again where they’re making entry through the window, you’ll spot a FF to the right who has his fog nozzle opened up to a medium cone of water (presumably) to keep the area around the window entry cool for the search crew making entry above — he’s filling the basement with fresh air. Look at the footage of the left hand basement window at 1:21. You’ve got a white helmet looking right into the window as the fire intensifies BELOW YOUR FIRE FIGHTERS!

    I’m not questioning the FF’s or their aggressiveness. I am questioning their command. Everyone should have a job when they step off the truck. Work that job until complete or condx change and then report to IC for another job. Standing around waiting for someone to tell you what you’re to do next is a ridiculous standard. It’s a common gripe in most of these videos. As you’ve been taught, fire grows in intensity logarithmically. You can’t fight fire by performing one task at a time and placing a check mark in the box. The fire will grow to such proportions while you’re talking about, talking about fighting it, that you might just as well just set the Truck, up. That’s why we drop a small diameter line or bust a window and make a quick hit with a deluge gun to darken it down until we establish a water supply. It all buys us time that we can never get back.

    I hope that the video provides the impetus for review and some much needed redirection on the part of your commanders. I don’t care if any of the Fire Fighters on scene ever read this but their commanders should. Aggressive fire attack on the basement from whatever vantage point was missing and you’re lucky you didn’t lose a Fire Fighter because ev-er-y one of your Fire Fighters were above it and nothing was being done about it. Poor direction or no direction at all kills Fire Fighters every day.

  • Just sayin

    Not looking for an argument but I’m going to fill in some of the blanks for what its worth.

    – Gas was terminated at the meter once the first engine company announced the fire may have been gas fed.

    – The firefighter going into the window was to enter to room to effect a rescue of the victim still in the house, this was after firefighters had attempted to make entry through the alpha and delta sides. All personnel were pulled from the building due to deteriorating conditions and compromised floors. The fire was already moving from the basement and had broken through the floor before the fill in companies on the code red had arrived and started to assist.

    – Very early in the video, you’ll notice the line that was advancing into the delta side was redirected into the basement when it was backed out of the building.

    – Lincoln runs a combination carrer/part time (paid call firefighters)/volunteer system. On top of this lincoln consists of 6 independent fire districts and a 3rd service municipal (career) EMS division who are trained as, and assist with firefighting/rescue operations. All of these companies are all dispatched and work together on all first alarm and greater responses. Pointing out that the “white hats” shouldn’t be involved in firefighting is not how this system works in this town. All of the “white hats” seen firefighting in this footage (and other photos you may find elsewhere) are chief officers in their own district, which this fire was not in. Many chief officers operate as company officers out of their own district on most occasions, and sometimes in their own district as needed.

    I was at this fire and working, and have opinions and even responses to comments, which for the most part I have kept to myself besides pointing out facts.

  • awesome job

    also they had tons of pellets in the basement. fire had a jump on the fire department. this video is shown maybe 45 mins into it. so you missed the initial attack and search..
    after the collapses and pulling everyone out the victim is dead. Risk alot to save to dead person?
    they did great. remember you werent there from the beginning. video has one view. and you negative commenters remember you werent there