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UPDATED: If a picture paints a thousand words I bet 999 of them coming from one NYPD officer this morning were expletives.


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One of a couple pictures of an interaction this morning between FDNY’s Ladder 45 and an NYPD car from the 33rd Precinct. It is described as 178th Street & Audubon Avenue with a report of people hanging. How do you think that conversation went?

UPDATE: More pictures from the scene arrived a short time ago.


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  • Pipeman27

    Looks like the cruiser makes for a nice jack plate!


    “Well, Sgt., as a matter of fact, no, I’m not available to go investigate that noise complaint right now.”

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Rescues had to be made and the cop nowhere to be found. Tough titties. It’d be worth the paperwork.

  • Alex

    I was always wondering how stable the truck is when its outrigger is tearing into a car like that instead of making ground contact?

    • 95%er

      the rig is fine as along as you are operating off the driver side. if you moved the boom over to the officers side it would not be so great, and the outrigger would probably drive down through the floor of the RMP and go onto the ground. that could cause some issues, especially if a fuel line broke. bottom line, you got people hanging off the escape, you are going for them

      • Jeff

        I think it already did dive through the floor. Looks like the car’s suspension is completely flattened and the floor of the car is kissing pavement. I bet the entire body of the vehicle is destroyed.

  • NYCfire

    Typical of the police across the country. Always in the way and too ignorant to know it. Just maybe if they scored a little higher on the civil service test they could have been a fireman. Instead they settle for being 2nd best

    • bob

      Young fire volley here became a cop. Cops are responders on every type of call. First fire he got he parked in the driveway of the house next door so his car wouldn’t be in the way. You got it – First Engine took the house with the police car in the driveway.

  • CLT_Ff

    @ Alex I too wonder…if there’s a second car on the left as well, would it be a stable and moveable truck?

  • SrFireOfficial

    I would be honored to fill out that paperwork.

  • Jack

    I’ll never forget being told by a cop that I could not park in a fire lane whil my crew was inside buying dinner!

  • 34 yrs retired

    shit happens

  • JustSaying&Praying

    lets be honest. the police get there first 95% of the time. and they are going for the people on the fire escape as much as the Fd is.

    • CHAOS

      Let’s be even more honest, a 75′ tower ladder doesn’t stretch much past 75′ even with people hanging. On the other hand, the PD can still “go for the people” without parking in the fire block.

      We can only hope this episode becomes a part of future NYPD academy training (and some other places, too).

      • 95%er

        it doesn’t stretch much past 75’? NO, it doesn’t stretch 1 inch past 75′ and that is the highest point on the platform at maximum extension angle, probably 75-80 degrees vertical.

        A 75′ scope had 67′ of horizontal reach at 0 degree elevation, so it goes between 67-75′ depending on the angle it was lowered to.

        • CHAOS

          I know. Just a little sarcasm there to help the yahoo who thinks a cop car needs to be parked close to enable the cops to “go for the people”.

  • Anonymous

    RMP shouldn’t have been in the block. Very often they’re on a hydrant. Not all cops, but many.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! To the untrained eye this looks like a big fire department mistake and somehow all the people commenting here think that the it was somehow ok?… Wonder what was actually going on there? Glad I don’t pay taxes there

  • Hate Yard Breathers

    Read the above comments Anonym-ass. Reported people trapped/hanging… No time to reposition because of poor judgement from the Police…. Who should be back shutting down the block from vehicle and pedistrian traffic. They do not have ladders and personal protective gear to handle the situation. I just laid hose across a hood of a car the other night for a house fire because they were parked right up on the hydrant illegally…. Would you of wanted me to pick up all of my hose I just laid on the street to supply the engine pumping the fire and go somewhere else while the homeowners watched their house and belongings burn up. What if it was your house or better yet your family hanging out of this building. Everybody complains about public safety and the taxes they cause until they need to pick up the phone and dial those precious three numbers…. then we aren’t there doing things fast enough. Glad I’m on the downhill slide to retirement. I will miss the Job and comradere but I will not miss the “instant gratification/ selfish” public I seem to serve for more and more…. not everyone, but the numbers seem to be increasing daily.

    • Fire21

      No, I’d have wanted you to lay the hose THROUGH the car. And I’d have been green with envy!!!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you fire fighters for doing what you do! If you ruined my car to save one life it would be more than worth it! You guys kick ass!

    • Ret.HFDE5Lt

      heck, we dealt with cops in my town doing this stupid crap all the time, blocking the street and leaving the car, one time my Lt just jumped in, moved dam thing so we could get to the fire…problem was he “forgot” to put it in park…lol..but they always get in the way, cause they wanna be hero’s, plain and simple! One time, the dumbass’s kicked in a door and got their asses blown out to the sidewalk..good for ya, i told them, as i ran on by with the hoseline! another time, we get to an apt with smoke to the floor, here comes some da cop, coughing, throwin up, almost passed out, so we grab his ass and yank him out, then we pull a lady out,we found down the back hallway ..she was in better shape than the cop, cause she stayed down low, while he stood up, lol! Cop says later on that we r crazy going into these fires, my Loo points to his SCBA and goes not as crazy as u going in without one of these, ya dumbass!….gotta love it!

  • RJ (in floria) ex NYer

    Ah the FDNY NYPD war continues….warms the heart



    whats next?

  • Capt Dick

    One of many pictures and discussions that should be taken care of during police academy. I’ve had plenty of negative dealings with them on scenes as well but instead of wanting to run the supply line through the window or drop the outriggers on them we should spend a day at their rookie school explaining why. If we get through to half of them it would be worth it .

  • GaFireFF

    Cop probably didn’t score high enough to be a firefighter!! Seriously though this is a problem everywhere it seems, do they not teach placement in the police academy? Even in a robbery call you don’t want to pull up right out front!

    • Anonymous

      Or is the driver that stupid and incompetent to where he was unable to pull the truck forward or backward 6 ft to avoid the entire situation

  • Marcus

    Just talked with a retired FDNY Captain. This is not the first time that this happened. Officer definitely should not have been parked at the location that he was at.

  • E1 LT

    Any pics of the other side of the truck? Any idea how many people were rescued over ladders or by this aerial? Would love to see pics of the entire fire scene and know the facts to the entire story.

  • puzzled

    COP: I’m a cop, and I can park where I want!

    EO: Yeah? Well, we’ll just see about that!

  • Met Fan

    Anonymous I’m sorry I don’t agree with you. Maybe because I work there in that area. I doubt the chauffeur thought this would be a cool idea. He probably didn’t have any other choice. Here’s some facts. Most of 45’s first due area is 5 and 6 story ordinary construction with no sprinklers or standpipes and were built 90 to 100 years ago. So when you get a fire the life hazard is severe. You need to position the rig properly. 45 is a 75′ tower ladder as most of ours are. There is not a lot of leeway as to where to park to properly cover the building. The seagrave doesn’t have the ability to be short jacked so the outriggers have to be lowered. The cop was probably meaning well and away from the car so with people on the fire escape what would you do? Take your time and think about it but remember the chauffeur and officer of 45 didn’t have that luxury.

  • FireMarshallBill

    Hey, whats the difference between Batman and a Fireman….

    Batman can run into a burning building without Robin!

    Drunk, thieving, fools they are! I speak from personal experience, the rest of you here live in a world of molded perception not reality.

    Yeah the FF made his point, now several innocents who share his title will suffer the repercussions.

    • Anonymous

      Nice try troll.

    • Mack Seagrave

      FireMarshallBill, you are obviously totally lacking of any knowledge of the F.D.N.Y. whatsoever. Take your comments to the Justin Bieber fan page where you can comment about a topic that you actually are well aquainted with.

  • itzjake

    That’ll buff right out…. :)

  • Robert Kramer

    Its awesome in theory, but around here that would get the Driver and the Officer on the truck fired.

    • Mack Seagrave

      Sad to hear that in your department a fire officer and an apparatus operator would be fired for taking the action necessary (due to the incorrect action of a law enforcement officer) to save the lives of trapped citizens in a burning building.

  • C Diven

    I guess if he hadn’t passed, or cut off the fire rig on the way to the call he would not have been parked in the WRONG place. Note to cop, if you are going to a fire and pass a fire rig for any other reason than to block traffic at an intersection for us you are in the way and making the situation worse.