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Chicago ice palace rekindles. Fire showing again at site of largest blaze in years. Plus lots of video & fireground audio from Tuesday night.

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Ice photos (check this out)

Steve Redick’s photos coverage 

Previous coverage from

Above is video this morning at 3757 South Ashland in Chicago, the site Tuesday night of the largest fire in the city in at least seven years. Below is video and fireground audio taken Tuesday night. From top to bottom the clips are from Larry Shapiro, Steve Redick and Radioman911TV.


A fire warehouse on the South Side has broken out again, two days after the blaze sent about a third of the city’s fire department to battle the blaze.

Steve Redick photo.

The initial fire on Tuesday night was the biggest in Chicago in seven years.

It began burning again on Thursday morning and had once again fully engulfed the building. The warehouse is filled with old timber and hotspots from the initial blaze rekindled once again.

Fire department spokesman Larry Langford said the commanders on the scene expected the fire to start again and have the fire contained to the ice-encased structure. 

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  • 8truck

    I’m interested in seeing some daytime pics of all the ice.

  • Fire21

    Everyone likes a “good” fire. Nobody likes one in those weather conditions. Miserable!

    Wonder when the last time was that those water mains got flushed out like that?

    Not familiar with Chicago…was the entire water supply via hydrants, or was there a river nearby for drafting?

    Everyone went home, and no spread to exposures…successful operation.

    • RJ (in florida)

      sure makes a case for the return of the deluge wagons they had in the 60’s

    • DMc77

      This one was all hydrants with a lot of inline pumping. A look at soem of the pictures you will see engines hooked up to hydrants using hard suction. CFD procedure for engines arriving and pumping on the 2-11 (2nd) alarm and up is to make the primary connection via hard suction. They are not actually pulling suction, but 10 feet of 6 inch suction is used to get the most water out of the hyrdant.

  • Jeff

    Old these old warehouses really need sprinkler retrofits. I’ve seen way too many of them go big box.

  • cappy

    Not much future in overhauling a complete loss. Rekindles are a pain and a drain on resources.Leave some limited resources at the scene to prevent a rekindle and rotate other crews in as necessary while removing others from the elements. Glad no one was hurt or killed in this incident.

  • RJ (in florida)

    i have not heard the term “rekindle” in a long time because in my county its a politically incorect term because of what it implies. the last dispatcher who said it in the air(me-years ago)was severely repremanded for “dispariging remarks” on the radio

    if ya go to the same address twice for a worker after is said to be out…its a rekindle

  • No. 1 Statter Fan from Virginia

    The Chicago Fire Department! Over hundred years of tradition, un impeded by progress! Statter you have out done your self once again with your coverage. SNORKELS rule, espically the ol girl that was brought in. Somebody mentioned their deluge wagons. What ever happened to “Big John” type of contraction they had at one time? Watching stuff like this and those guys professionalism reminds me of why I wanted to be a fireman to begin with. Great posting and videos.

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  • Fred

    Sissies. 2 1/2″, through the front door, interior attack people. Coulda knocked tha… nevermind. Just kidding. Good work Chicago.