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UPDATED – Helmet-cam captures rescue: Corinth, Mississippi lieutenant grabs man as room ignites.

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The FireCritic spotted this extremely compelling video from  Lt Chris Duncan of Mississippi’s Corinth Fire Department.  Here’s the description with  the video:

Helmet Cam video of house fire in Corinth, Ms. On 1-11-2013, Corinth FD responded to a house fire with reported explosion and victims trapped. Upon arrival, found house heavily involved in fire. Neigbors had removed a nine month old child from bedroom. Upon arrival Lt. from E-401 was advised that father was still inside. Lt. made entry into bedroom, located and removed victim just prior to room igniting.


It was difficult finding details of the fire and the rescue by Lt. Duncan. Thanks to a reader pointing us in the right direction we have some more information. Click here for a pdf of the intial article in the Daily Corinthian on January 13.

This is an excerpt from a more recent, undated article the paper (requires a subscription to read online):

One victim was seriously injured in Friday night’s house fire while the other has been released from the hospital. A nine-month-old baby who was in the home at 1803 East Fifth Street has been released and is doing well, said Assistant Fire Chief John Wood. However, Don Pruitt, who dropped the baby out a window to safety, has serious injuries and is at the burn center at Crossgates River Oaks Hospital in Brandon.


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  • j2brown
    • dave statter

      You are better than I am. I searched for a while and couldn’t find it on their site. Need to hire you as a researcher.

      • j2brown

        No need to post this publicly if you don’t want to, but I just did a simple Google search for:

        corinth, ms house fire january

        Result #1 is to the Daily Corinthian site, where I did a search for “fire”. That led me to the articles. The link I sent you was actually a search for the address, as I knew that would return only the two relevant results.

        I’m not opposed to a job offer, but I think we’d both be disappointed by the results. ;)

        • dave statter

          I did a couple very similar searches and could not find the address. With the street name I came up with the pdf. I did my searches at 2:00 AM so the quality of my typing could have been lacking. Thanks. Always appreciate the input and anyone who can do a better job than I do.

          • Chris Duncan

            Dave, sorry you had such a hard time digging up info on this small town. Haha! Let me know if you have any more questions.

          • dave statter

            Much appreciated Lt. The local paper being on a subscription basis is now a problem small town and big town for sites like mine. Congratulations. My email is I would love to know the latest on the victim. Thanks.

  • Fire21

    That’s what we’re all talking about…arrive ready to go to work!! Nice save, Corinth and Lt. Duncan.

  • Agates1272

    It just doesn’t get ANY closer than that. Fantastic grab!!

  • HoodLT

    Show this video to those slugs that arent comfortable with arriving with their mask on ready to go to work. Glad we didnt have to watch as his helmet hits the ground as he dons his mask listening to the man scream for help. Good work though i didnt see the rescue.

  • Anonymous

    After watching these videos I didn’t realize that there were still fireman who actually arrive ready for work. Great work!

  • Agates1272

    I had to watch this video a couple more times, and I got chills each time. Amazing rescue.

    And +1 to HoodLT’s comment. THIS IS WHY you should come off the rig masked up. I don’t give a shit how fast you THINK you can get masked up and on air, if this firefighter had taken the extra time required to mask up in the yard, the victim would have been dead. There is NO BETTER ARGUMENT for masking up enroute than this video, right here.I dare someone to argue otherwise.

    Way to go Lt. Duncan. You make us all proud!

  • Anonymous

    I never hand out compliments however this is a job well done. Lt. Duncan shows that there are still people out there willing to get work done!

  • pa ff

    Great grab LT. Duncan it goes to show that when you come off the rig with a purpose and ready to go that it will make a hell of a change in the outcome!!!!!

  • BCFDHoseHumper

    Where are all the 50+ year “salts” that would have written off the victim and said it wasnt survivable conditions and deck gunned the house before entering????
    Ah-effing-mazing work men outstanding job!!!

  • Robert Kramer

    This single event is not justification to arrive wearing an SCBA facepiece. The cons far outweigh the benefits.

    • Agates

      Are you EFFING kidding me? “The cons far outweigh the benefits”?

      I seriously hope to God you’re just trolling, because that is one of the most ignorant comments I HAVE EVER read. The life of the person in that room quickly dying while you get your gear on FAR OUTWEIGHS ANY “cons you could possibly throw out there. Period.

      • dave statter

        Not to get into the middle of this but here is what Lt. Chris Duncan has to say about this topic as posted on Facebook:

        We were second in. Just a few second behind first engine. If we had been first in I wdnt mask up so report could be given. But since we were second in and report of entrapment made the decision to mask up.

      • Robert Kramer

        No, I am not kidding or trolling. Arriving on any scene wearing a pair of blinders is typically not a good idea.

  • Robert Kramer

    Good job Lt. Duncan.

  • CentralPA-LT

    Typically if I arrive wearing a mask there is a reason.. And no as A LT myself I cant and don’t get tunnel vision or blinders because of a mask usually I have great peripheral and overall vision to not only see whats going on and get a good scene size up but I can still go to work as soon as I arrive if need be and give a radio report even with a mask on. Do I always arrive mask on? no like I said there is usually a reason I mask up prior to exiting the cab of the apparatus. Some people do get tunnel vision and I advocate taking a second to look around and get an idea of whats going on and then deciding things etc.. In this case this was an example of how doing something at the right time accomplished something but it may not work in other situations. Train! train! train! and train some more and you will do whats right at the right time. Dont train and prepare and you will mess up when the time is right and you do the wrong things and it will bite you.

  • Robin

    God was with you both this night.Thanking him for setting the motion into play to give this man another chance to live..Proud of my son-in-law..Job well done Chris.