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Helmet-cam: Muffler shop burns in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Video from tnbushwhacker of a fire on January 17 at Mighty Muffler and Brake Center in the 3800 block of Western Ave  in Knoxville, Tennessee.

From the description with the video:

There were two cars in the building and some acetylene tanks burning inside the back of the building. You can hear the roof start to give way around 9:55 of the video.

One person was sent to a local hospital for smoke inhalation he suffered in a fire that erupted inside a Western Avenue muffler shop today, according to officials.

The injured worker told Knoxville Fire Department officials that he was using a torch to cut on a vehicle inside a work bay in the building, and that the flame might have contacted the fuel line, according to KFD Capt. D.J. Corcoran.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • RK

    As is often the case, the preconnects or “house fire” line gets pulled all the time. Instead of laying two or three of those, a single 2 1/2″ would have knocked that PDQ.

    Habit and complacency. Not placing blame, happens all the time on my FD as well. At some point, we have to start working smarter instead of harder.

  • Crowbar

    Too risky. Being that close to a compressed gas cylinder that’s venting is not a good idea. The situation calls for a master stream appliance.

  • GaFireCaptain

    My concerns on this type of occupancy would be that the garage area more often than not have steel-bar joist trusses, and if so these were exposed to a lot of heat; not to mention once the crews were inside the possibility of the roll-up doors failing and falling, blocking the way out; and it looked like the windows had bars on them.