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Man behind most popular helmet-cam video ever finally speaks. Impact of wounded Army Pfc. Ted Daniels’ firefight video has interesting similarities to firefighter videos.

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Does this sound familiar? The posting of a helmet-cam video to YouTube causes the videographer’s bosses to question if the clip is appropriate and brings up concerns about the impression it leaves on civilians. The person who wore the helmet-cam also finds out there are plenty of people on the Internet willing to tell him about all the mistakes he made in the video.

We have seen a bunch of firefighter produced helmet-cam videos which have made fire chiefs unhappy, often pushing them to craft new camera policies for their departments. And with each of these fire videos comes online critiques from keyboard incident commanders and others.

Ted Daniels has dealt with these very problems. But unlike the average firefighter helmet-cam video showing flames dancing over the camera operator’s head, Daniels’ clip features bullets whizzing by. These include some of the incoming ones that reach their target. That target was Pfc. Daniels who survived Taliban machine gun fire in Afghanistan last September to share his up close and personal view of the firefight with the world via YouTube. As of this writing the video (above) has 23,301,032 views.

While Daniels’ name surfaced as the video went viral the Army did not allow the former Maryland and Pennsylvania police officer to speak with reporters. That changed recently when The Washington Post’s Greg Jaffe talked with Daniels at Fort Carson in Colorado. You can hear Ted Daniels tell some of his story in the video above, along with Jaffe’s thoughts on the use of helmet-cams in war.

The story with Ted Daniels was published online on Friday and provides a very interesting look at how the military handles the issues surrounding helmet-cams. The article also shows how Daniels is dealing with these same issues and provides context to the dramatic pictures that were captured from atop Pfc. Ted Daniels’ head.

Read The Washington Post article by Greg Jaffe

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    I couldn’t get the 2nd video (the interview) to play.

    At least as firefighters we can usually see our enemy!! Those soldiers are like us spraying smoke…hope we hit something!!


    Let’s hope there was much more damage at the opposite end of that firefight.
    Best wishes for the PFC.

    Get some!

  • JK

    Thank you Sir for your service/sacrifice!!

  • Ohio FF

    Just as in Firefightng Free Lancing will get you killed…running down the scree slope in full view of the enemy without fire superiority is kinda dumb..the sights on this soldiers rifle were put there for a reason only he seams not to know that. He needs to watch his ow video thinking about what he was taught at the rifle range and basic infantry schools.

    Oh yes,, Thank you for your service… just remember fire superiortiy before movement my friend

  • Me

    WTF is this guy doing? Where is Charlie? Seems like he is just firing for the sake of firing. Sort of like putting water on smoke. The enemy looked to be quite a distance away. With the rifle he had, there is no way he could have neutralized anybody except for maybe a lottery hit.

  • Jimmy Johns

    @Ohio FF

    You realize he WAS aiming with sights right? The camera is mounted about 3-4 inches above HIS line of sight. SO we are NOT seeing what he sees EXACTLY. And as the second video explained, him and his group were caught in the open. Not much you can do when caught in the open on a mountain side. Do or die. You gotta try.

  • mark

    I’ll readily admit to not being trained as a grunt, or any other position in the military.

    Common sense tells me not to run down a hill that is fully exposed when the bad guys are shooting at me.

    I hope he is OK and that others in our military are not this stupid. Might as well break out the redcoats and walk down the mountain in rows, like they did back during the Revolution and Civil War.

    I’m guessing there’s a reason his superiors wouldn’t let him post it earlier.

  • BH

    He was drawing fire, on purpose, away from his team. I doubt he planned on Achmed actually hitting anything.