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Early video: House fire in Malone, New York.

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Video from Dylan195260 of a fire on Main Street in Malone, NY yesterday afternoon. Excerpt from the description with the video:

Two MVPD officers arrived on scene to find a male hanging from a window trying to escape the blaze. The two officers and local fire fighters were able to reach the man and get him down without further harm though he had to be transported to Alice Hyde Hospital for treatment.


One person had to be rescued from a second floor apartment. The person was taken to Alice Hyde Hospital. Their condition is unknown.

The fire also sent a firefighter to the hospital with a hand injury.

Fire officials say the structure’s balloon frame construction was part of the reason the fire spread so quickly.

“It got into the walls and spread up and down. Both ways in the structure, up into the attic and then from the attic to the main part of the house. It’s a labor intensive overhaul operation,” said Malone Fire Chief Brian Gokey.


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  • surfer
  • OldSutterOne

    A good example of the value of a deck gun. It could have been positioned a little better to avoid the tree. This attack works as a transition from offense to defense and then back to offense once an evaluation is made as to structual stability.

  • Anonymous

    Did they attempt an interior attack from that front portion of the house?

  • cappy

    Rarely enough staffing early on to go offensive interior throughout this country on a daily basis at scenes like this.

  • Anonymous

    @Cappy, thats a valid point. I always question why people dont default to an offensive approach however if you dont have any man power, thats a valid point.

  • Fire21

    Is that line in the yard a 1-inch? Sure doesn’t appear any larger. I was thinking he didn’t apply any water because there maybe was an interior attack being tried. But the use of the gun negated that thought. Just observing, not criticizing. I’m sure there was stuff we can’t see.

  • Ohio FF

    As OldSutterOne said this is a nice example of a transitional attack. When you look at the link that Surfer provided page through, there are 4 pages of photos,and you will see the fire from the A side with firefighters in the upper floors. In our area with no hydrants we use the pumper/tanker as you see here. The second tanker and mutual aid become water supply, settingup shuttles. In the winter with the possibility frozen hydrants it is not a bad idea to bring a tanker on your first alarm.

  • Harry Rampe

    OldSutter i thought the engine could have been five/six feet forwadr from where it was.However maybe those wires on the lawn were still in the road when they pulled in.Good use of the deck gun

  • CT firefighter

    Big Old house with lots of fire. I have to say bravo for the use of the deck gun. Did a lot more than an interior attack in a fraction of the time to knock down a lot of fire. I am a fan of interior tactics but with the age of the house and amount of fire ,interior ops could have gone bad fast. I would also guess limited manpower here also

  • surfer

    This is a great example of how video clips can be deceiving. What appears to be an “early video” of a deck gun attack by an understaffed 1st arriving engine is actually happening about 30 minutes after initial interior attack. From the timestamped photos in the above link:
    14:57 – photographer arrives, 2 engines already on scene.
    14:58 – Supply line is charged
    14:59 – 2nd floor fire darkened; tower company arrives
    15:03 – Fire breaks through roof, 2nd floor re-ignites, Bangor engine on scene
    15:15 – Tower is deployed
    15:26 – Bangor engine deploys deck gun (which we see in the video)
    Tough to tell what happened next, except lots of firefighters standing around, but at 15:55 they’re back inside for overhaul.