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UPDATE: Four Prince George’s County, MD firefighters injured, one critically after Beltway crash. Tractor-trailer slams into West Lanham pumper returning from call.

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Audio: P.G. Beltway Crash involving Fire Engine
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UPDATE – Tweet from PGFD Chief Marc Bashoor at 7:15 AM EST:

3 FF’s at PG Trauma have been upgraded and MAY be released soon…more to follow. 4th is @ Union Memorial Baltimore critical but stable

Four Prince George’s County Firefighters have been taken to a hospital after a violent crash on the Capital Beltway in Landover early Wednesday morning.

According to Maryland State Police, the collision involving a fire truck, a tractor trailer, and a Jeep occurred just before 3:00 a.m. on the Inner Loop of I-495 just south of Route 50. MSP confirms the crash has sent a total of 7 patients to local hospitals by ambulance and medevac.

Chief Alicia Francis, spokeswoman for Prince George’s County Fire and Rescue, is on the scene and confirms four of the seven patients are firefighters. One of them has been taken to Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, which specializes in severe limb injuries. He is said to be in critical condition. The conditions of the other three firefighters at PG Trauma have been upgraded and may be released soon, says the chief.

According to Chief Francis, the driver of the tractor trailer and two victims from the Jeep were taken to Medstar. Right now the severity of the civilians’ injuries are unknown.

Prince George’s County Fire Chief Marc Bashoor is also at the scene and tells WUSA*9 reporter Delia Goncalves the crash occurred when Fire Engine 828 out of West Lanham Hills was heading back home after responding to a call. Chief Bashoor says it appears the engine was struck by the tractor trailer from behind, sending both vehicles into the concrete barrier separating the Inner and Outer Loops. This initial collision sent wreckage and concrete debris into the northbound lanes of the Beltway, where a Jeep was also caught up in the crash.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • mdff

    Thoughts and prayers to the brothers injured,full and speedy recovery to all.
    Another example of using your seat belts because we never know when something terrible will happen.

  • Sharppointy1

    Sending prayers for the swift expert treatment and rapid full recovery of the four injured Firefighters.

  • OldTimerFF

    I hope for a speedy recovery for the brothers from 28. As a past firefighter from the area I hated running incidents on the beltway.

  • David S.

    I was a member of 28/48 and I pray for those guys its sad to see those pictures. Im glad that they are getting 2 new engines that are being built now.

  • Anonymous

    Seems the media is more focused on the snarled traffic and the inconvenience to the commuters than the well-being of the firefighters.

  • David S.

    Im glad that 2 members have been released and a third soon. Dave please let us know who the ff is in critical condition .That beltway is the most dangerous road to travel ,I really hope that something can be done so this does not happen again ie: a special lane for emergency vehicles only to travel.

    • DCfireman

      With the amount of incidents on the beltway, a fire line is more than needed.

  • Lizard

    Thoughts and prayers to the members and family of West Lahnam. Hoping for a speedy recovery.


    Many years ago, I was a member of District Heights (PG 26). Often responded to beltway incidents. As a matter of company policy, we did not use the turn-arounds unless we were responding to an incident. When returning, we always used the next regular exit and then the first available on-ramp to get back on. Don’t know that use of the emergency turn-around was a factor here, but they should be used only in an emergency and with special care when visibility is poor.

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  • Scooter

    Prayers to the members and family of 28 Engine and a speedy recovery. Strike Da Box!

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick by the dumb A** reporter onscene from Fox 5 who was more worried at the price of the fire truck and how bad traffic in the area was, and not the condition of the firefighters. Get well soon! Shame on you news people

    • Dan

      I was going to post the same this morning these f-n reporters and news agency’s can report for crap anymore.

  • VanMan

    Prayers for speedy recovery for all involved. Be interesting to see what the investigation indicates was the cause (my betting is drivr exhaustion on the part of the tractor-trailer). Also interesting to see all the reporters wearing reflective vests… wish we could get that here where I live.

  • PG Volunteer

    I don’t believe there are any turn arounds at the location of the accident. ;-(

    Prayers to the injured and hoping for a positive outcome for the firefighter at Union Memorial.

  • Anonymous

    A news radio channell reported that 28 was attempting to make a u-turn at one of those emegency u-turn gaps. i thought there was a rule about not using any emergency turn around ever since squad 47 was rear ended by a big rig a few years ago while doing the same.
    Speedy recovery for all.

  • O cool

    Prayers and best wishes for all injured.

    According to WTOP 28 was trying to use the emergency u-turn. Does anyone remember what happened to SQ 47 when trying to do the same thing? They got rear ended by a big rig also. After that, didnt pgfd issue a rule not to use the emergency u-turns?
    Hope all turns out well stay safe.

  • Pipeman27

    There is a turn around there

  • Fire21

    God bless those injured and the medical staff caring for them. I just don’t understand how people can run into the back of fire apparatus, whether they are on scene or traveling. Amazing!!


    Hope for the full recovery of all involved. Sounds like the most severely injured has a tough battle ahead of him.

  • Anonymous

    PG Volunteer, You can clearly see in the channel 7 video, that there is a sign indicating a Turn Around for emergency vehicles at the location of the accident. 28 was clearly trying to pull a U-turn on the Beltway (a violation of department policy) after being put in service from the first accident they were responding to.
    Accident happen and Regardless of who is at fault here, I wish a speedy and full recovery to all parties involved. No one should have to suffer permanent injuries as the result of a stupid mistake.

  • Anonymous

    Prayers for all the brothers.
    And a speedy recovery to the most severely injured!!

    Not a comment on this incident per say but for all those reading this.

    All “Highway” boxes(including all busy roadways not just highways) should include a ladder truck who’s primary initial responsibility is to block traffic for those units and members operating. In lieu of a ladder truck for those areas that don’t have them a second engine would suffice. But it is a necessity that should not be overlooked!

  • Anonymous Paramedic

    I pray that ALL, to include the truck driver and “civilians” are going to be okay. If the fire truck was using the emergency turn around without any warning lights, I’m fairly certain the trucker didn’t hit them for sh!*s and giggles. He probably did everything he could do in the oh, 2 seconds he had to make an evasive maneuver. He is probably emotionally wrecked over the fact he could do little to nothing to avoid hitting what he didn’t even have time to recognize, a fire engine. Narrow minded individuals jump to assume that he had to be speeding or otherwise at fault because he hit an almighty fire truck. I hate that the “brother” has a possible debilitating and career ending injury after such a horrific crash. But how about we call them ALL “patients” like anyone who is injured, not “civilians”. Fire service is not the military! I’m sorry many departments think they are as hallowed as our military. Get over yourselves and be what you are, a PUBLIC SERVANT-Police, FIRE and Paramedics (myself included).

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the fact that you acknowledged everyone involved, not just the firefighters. I’m sorry, but our son was an EMT for years and now drives long haul. I’ve been on the road with him, and there are many accidents caused from emergency vehicles and civilian vehicles as you called them. I get so tired of hearing all the time how it was the semi drivers fault. Everyone should get behind the wheel of a semi or just ride long haul in one for awhile so they have a better knowledge to draw from, instead of always wearing blinders to the real facts. My heart goes out to everyone, not just the firefighters.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Paramedic: Well Spoken and thank you for your comments. As you stated..This man did not ask for this nor was he negligent for rear ending them…What people need to realize is that a policy has been in place for a long time now due to accidents when using the emergency cut thru. This is prohibited for both emergency and non emergency purposes. And let us not forget about the jeep passengers who were injured and whose vehicle was also destroyed who also were the victims of a “negligent” apparatus driver who made a mistake and paid for it.

  • chiefbobr

    As a former PGFD Firefighter and retired Chief, I can tell you categorically that I would much rather send firefighters into burning buildings than I would send to them to deal with incidents on the Beltway. Very dangerous out there and the number of idiots driving on it is incredible. I’ll pray for a swift and full recovery for our injured brothers.

  • vern white III

    Wow im a newport me volunteer firefighter that is sad hope these
    go home soon

  • vern white III

    Wow that is sad hope these
    go home soon