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Helmet-cam & dash-cam video: A fire in the other PG County. House burns in Disputanta, VA.

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When we talk about PG County or PGFD we are referring to the jurisdiction bordering Washington, DC. But this video is from the other PG County, Prince George County, Virginia. This dash-cam and helmet-cam video is from DisputantaVFD and was shot at a structure fire on Saturday. Here’s the description with the video:

01/26/13, at 0120 Disputanta VFD was dispatched First Due to a residential fire on Pumphouse Rd. Snow and Ice covered roads delayed response of Fire Units. Other units from Prince George VFD, Carson VFD, Burrowsville VFD assisted. Also PGEC Medic 8-1 (career)

The Engine and Tanker from Disputanta VFD arrived within 13 mins of Dispatch.

All occupants had exited the structure upon arrival.

The Fire Critic also posted this video.

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  • Fire21

    Dash cams are cool…they show response style, speed, conditions, etc. Helmet cams I find to be not so wonderful. As another poster on here said a few days ago, once the fire goes out, you usually can’t see much of anything. That was the case here, in my opinion.

  • Scooter

    Thanks Dave for a better one… Got 1 min 8 seconds to get the line run and go to work, and make the push…. Not bad. Dave please keep the good ones comming…. I need a few more good ones to go with the bad ones to use as a teaching aid….. Strike Da Box! K

  • Blue

    Nicely done,

  • Capt Dick

    Attic ladder would have shortened this video considerably. Plenty of rebel yells and cursing if you like that. I can tell the fella on the nozzle is the kind who will find himself with a hose burned through if he goes to enough fires. Very well could have been his first interior job though, judging by the excitement .

  • BH

    Needed some hooks inside. That way we wouldn’t hear things like “They’re going to open the roof to get at it.” Ten bucks says there was a line being flowed through a vent hole 5 minutes after the video ends.

    Other than that, I like what I see.

  • WhySoSerious?

    Small rural America Volunteer Department making a great effort to get a knock on a SFD…. Good Job in my humble opinion. “rebel yell”… LOL… Nice. Young guy excited and putting in work… who hasn’t yelled or cursed in a few fires you’ve been in. A little bit of that is sometimes the excitement, adrenaline and stress all playing on you at the same time. They will mature into the job as everyone else, cut them some slack. I, as many of you, were there once also.

  • DCFD/Southern MD

    Very nice aggressive interior attack for a change. Made all of their problems go away quickly. My only issue is the fact they were using a fog pattern as soon as they made entry. A straight stream would have been more effective. Loved their enthusiasm though. Nice job.

    • Jamie Bridgeman

      Too much pressure on smooth bore. Was getting about 125 – 130 psi that’s why it looks like that