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Must read memo: Detroit Fire bans firefighters from climbing city’s aerial ladders unless immediate life threat. Ladders out of compliance with NFPA testing requirements.

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This order from Detroit Fire Department Chief Craig Dougherty was issued on January 31.


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  • old man 1

    Very sad to see DFD in such distress.

  • Whatever.

    At least they can keep doing unmanned master stream operations. Because everybody knows that master streams don’t exert *any* force on the apparatus…. and even if they did collapse, what are the chances they would actually hurt someone?

    Clearly the chances are acceptable.

  • Anonymous

    hows that union thing working out for ya?

  • 1dctaxpayer

    This country sends billions to countries most of us have never heard of or can’t find on a map.
    Washington should wake up and start taking number one before we become number 2.

    • BH

      It’s not the federal government’s job to fix (via our tax dollars) the poor choices bad at the voting booth by Detroit residents.

      • BH

        *made, not bad.

  • Say It

    Detroit is beyond broke financially.

    Thanks to NAFTA with Mexico, our auto parts are “North American Sourced”. Thank you Bill Clinton for signing NAFTA with Mexico. Thank you to those that voted for former Bill Clinton for two terms.

    I worked in an automotive assembly plant when this occurred.

    Detroit was once the automotive capital of the world. Now it is in ruins. Free Trade makes a prosperous nation doesn’t it?

    • Anonymous

      No offense, but the American auto industry was in decline long before NAFTA

  • Johnny Awesome

    Our Union has done great things for our community and department. It takes money to run a department. Most cities FD’s produce no money for the city and with a city on the decline its going to be hard to keep up the level of service. They have a lot of issues in Detroit but the firefighters still have to protect a city of 700,000 people that was built for 2 million.

  • Fire21

    Well, ya gotta admit that at least administration is doing something to protect their personnel in the face of potential danger. Dave, can you find a Charlie Duff report on this? I bet he has some choice things to say!

    • Fire21

      Sorry, meant Charlie LaDuff.

  • north chief

    So if and when they do the inspections and find half the ladders out of service, then what? What a sad thing to see. You have to give Austin some credit, at least he addressed the problem. But addressing it and fixing it are two different things.

  • WillMega06

    Time for the citizens to form VFD’s.

    • Gil

      VFD’s still need money to run.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Gil. That will work. NOT

  • CareerLt

    Yeah WillMega06, That will work. NOT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when liberals run a city for years.

  • WhenItWas

    I think that police response times to priority calls in Detroit is 20 minutes on average. FD might not be seeing any extra money for a long time.

  • Cappy

    Front row seat to see a city run by idiots over a long period. If this cities rise and fall were a fire… this period marks the decay stage of what once was the growth and fully developed stage.
    The brothers will have to keep doing the best they can with the resources they have.

  • ukfbbuff

    Hate to say it , but, my optimism for Commisinoer Donald Austin, when he left the Los Angeles Fire Dept., to take his current job was misplaced.

    From all appearances he has fallen in to the same old Political Quicksand that has hampered Detroit for Decades.

    This latest example of inertia (lack of ladder testing) in the DFD has to rest on his desk.

  • mark

    I know Dave doesn’t like politics to become involved, but this is what happens with around 60 years of “progressive” governing.

    And make no mistake, the state of Michigan via its TAXPAYERS has been bailing out Detroit for a long, long time. Until the problems are truly fixed, no amount of money will solve the issues at hand.

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