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More video from close call: Collapse & fireball at Vancouver, WA elementary school.


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Above is a second version of the close call video we showed you as the Crestline Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington burned on Sunday. It occurs at about :42 on Josh Fancher‘s video. He describes what happens simply as a roof collapse. 

Immediately below is the complete raw video from Noah Patraw who described the event as a roof collapse and backdraft. On his video it occurs at 5:06 followed by the radio transmission, “Command from Truck 5, we’ve just had a big backdraft on the left side”. We showed you an isolated clip from Patraw’s video yesterday.

Below is a third version of the incident from tuuntube

The news coverage I have seen does not provide details of the close call, but mentions a firefighter was treated and released for injuries that occurred during the three-alarm fire.

Craig Brown & Dave Kern, The Columbian:

The fire was reported at 3:17 a.m. It burned for hours, with smoke continuing to billow and fire licking at spots around the building at midmorning.

One firefighter was hurt and sent to a local hospital, where he was treated and later released, said Kevin Stromberg, a fire department spokesman. The nature of the firefighter’s injury was not disclosed.

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  • Brian Haggerty

    Any clue what this school was made of? Looks like tin foil. The whole thing has corrugated panels that just fall everywhere and I don’t see any real structural supports. Looks like it was a giant trailer home the way it burned down. How do you stop a fire in anything built like this? The playground set looked more sound. I would hate to think if this was a fire during the day with the kids in it. Was this really a good construction for a school? wow.

  • FIRE CHIEF retired

    I am asking the same question as another viewer, what type of construction is or was this building? It looks like a series of what appear to be steel panels attached to nothing as they collapse everywhere.
    What are the building codes for schools in this area?
    Looks pretty scarey to me, for once I am glad they DIDN’T send anyone inside to fight the fire.

  • Fire21

    It looked to me like wood frame, metal skin. Very hard to fight fire in if they are heavily involved. The metal sheets collapse onto burning rubble, and overhaul is a nightmare. I’ve never seen a school built like that, but plenty of shop buildings. Glad no major injuries.

  • Dmgdriver

    Are there zero fire walls? I have seen school buildings built in the ’20s burn that were not as devastated as this.