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You must watch this from CT: Bridgeport FD’s biggest fan.

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This man says the Bridgeport Fire Department in Connecticut “makes me sick”. What say you?

Here’s some of the description John P posted with the video;

Here we have the Bridgeport, Connecticut Fire Department playing around with their ladder truck across the street from my house. The wind is blowing in my direction so my house is full of diesel fumes! I can’t do any work outside, can’t even let my dogs out!  I guess Assholes do come in all shapes, sizes, colors and uniforms!

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  • Anonymous

    Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • Anonymous

    I bet he would be the first to complain that the fire department didn’t get to his emergency quick enough, I am so tired of people berating us for training when we can and who cares if it is a public space then I say go for it, the other idea is for him to stay the hell inside or move somewhere else, but we all know that won’t happen. All he will do is complain and whine and be a pissy pants child, maybe he should go and nicely talk to the chief about not training there or at least find out more information

  • CLT_Ff

    Its ok, they’re only training on techniques that could one day save your grumpy tail. This guy is what we called back in my military days an ‘Ass Clown’. Just understand that NOTHING will make him happy so there’s no use trying or wasting calories.

    Train on Bridgeport, to save the heartache, try to find another location…if unavoidable – then oh well.

  • jeff

    finally a video to laugh about and no one getting hurt and no back seat driving

  • Fire21

    When we’re fighting a fire, we can’t really control the situation of air pollution. When we’re training or showing off, we do need to give consideration to what we’re doing to those around us.

    This man may have a legitimate gripe. I know that diesel exhaust is a sickening thing. But at the distance he’s videoing, I’m not sure things are as bad as he says. Then again, perhaps the truck isn’t running correctly, and the emissions may be excessive.

    I wonder if he’s approached the truck officer/dept administration to voice his complaint? The best way to correct a problem is to talk about it with the problem maker.

    • Fire521

      I’m not surprised that so many jumped down “pissy pants'” throat. Public ‘servants’ are quick to forget that tad bit of customer service goes along way. From Hero to asshole, in the public’s eye, is a very short trip.

      I agree he should have calmy addressed it with the department.

  • Anonymous

    Nut job what happens when ur house lights up you gonna be worried about the diesel fumes

  • Tom, SFD

    After reading the FB posts, I found myself agreeing with many of the negative comments. However, I think it goes much deeper than this guy being an angry hater. If you watch the news and follow news headlines from around the country, public safety agencies are under attack from every possible angle because of pay, pension, and healthcare. Public safety has come to symbolize the reason for the economic hardships that plague this nation. The far right wing republicans 1%er have engineered this hate campaign against us for no other reason then they cant stand to see hardworking blue collar workers making a comfterable living. They feel its coming out of their pockets and just like the spoiled little rich kids that they are, they wont stand for anything less then having it all.

    There was a time in this country when if you had a problem, you would have just walked across the street and spoke to the firemen about your cocerns. The firemen would have appologiZed, and moved the truck. End of story. But in todays world the average Joe feels helpless and just doesn’t know which way to turn, so he did the only thing he could, vent.

    In my humble opinion it doesn’t matter how hard you try to improve relations in the community, the national news media attack against us reaches far to many people for us to keep up with. Put a group of people together in a room and the voices of hate will be heard over those who support us.

    • dave statter

      Tom, SFD. Where is the the national news media attacking firefighters? What specifically are you referring to?

      • Tom, SFD

        Well, I guess your position is your brethren are “not attacking” but just reporting the story? As a firefighter who had his salary reduced to minimum wage and the press from all around the world came to town, it was amazing to hear and see the one sided reporting. Forget about the fact that the mayor and pro mayor councils created over $350 million in long term debt with their borrow and spend policies. Forget about the fact that public safety went 9 years without a raise, but had increases in healthcare costs. Why would that matter? When the press could run a story or show the mayor telling everyone that salary, healthcare, and pension costs are the reason for the fiscal difficulties. We could also speak on some of the major news outlets and their one sided reporting on Wisconsin or bankruptcy in Ca. cities.

        Whether you wish to admit or not, there are media outlet that are anti union/ organized labor and run stories casting public safety unions as greedy pigs. Using one sided reporting, as stated above. There are powers in this country that feel that taking down the pubic safety union will make it easier for the rest to fall. If a reporter or media outlet only presents the facts of one side then they are also part of the problem in misleading the public.

        Its your house and your rules, if you dislike my opinion, erase it.

        • dave statter

          I would never erase your comment Tom, SFD for disagreeing with me. I encourage it. I also don’t blindly stick up for my so called “brethren”. Called one out today pretty clearly. And if you look, some want to excuse him because he sticks up for firefighters (which I am generally for when the facts support what you are saying).

          You will have to show me specific news coverage and how they are slamming firefighters. Most of the reporters I know actually like firefighters.

          When you look at these stories that are against firefighters are you evaluating them as a firefighter who has an emotional stake in it or trying to be unbiased third party looking at the facts and how they were presented? It often isn’t easy to do when it involves your career and family’s well being. Just because a story doesn’t turn out the way a firefighter wants it too doesn’t mean a reporter is biased.


      • Capt Dick

        Mainly one outlet in particular Dave , begins with F and ends in X.

  • Shhh…

    He needs to go into his house or anywhere else that men aren’t working. Pull his big girl panties up and STFU.

  • Legeros

    A big ol’ ladder truck will put out some damn stinky smoke…

    Imagine this video going viral. Would make a great exercise for budding PIOs. How do you indeed react to such commentary?

  • Anonymous

    If they had a bumper turret they could knock him on his ass with it.

  • He

    He’s a tough guy. He also posted this video,, and watch it, especially at the 26 second mark when he tough guy yells at a guy in the truck, the truck stops, and the truck driver gets in tough guys face,,,,,,all talk, no action.

    • RJ (in florida)

      i watched that video–LOL he was so tough until the guy got out of the truck and almost kicked his ass

      as for the other video, i;d have to stop in front of his house at 3am and hit the “Q” and the air horns


      its never an emergency…until its your ass


      Bwah haha ha!!!! He got all Peter griffin when brothah man got out of the cab! What a donkey!

  • Josh

    I sure hope Dave lets us know if he hears from “John P”

  • CareerLt

    Tom: That’s a ridiculous comment. I’m sure it’s a vast right wing conspiracy and the videographer is a part of it to make us all look bad.
    As for some of the Facebook comments, especially from Pat Carpenter, is it any wonder the public, at times, looks at us with a weary eye? If you don’t agree with the video, and I don’t, calling him a jerk, wait until his house burns down or telling him to eat cock makes us ALL look bad, not just the people who claim to be professional and state they are here for the public. Smarten up

    • doobis

      Has there ever been professionalism on the internet comment sections? These are usually just soap boxes for people while remaining anonymous. Perhaps some of the comments are simply coming from people that are not even in the fire service but get some thrill from bashing people and spinning people up? Or maybe they are just thin skinned fools? Either way just ignore them.

      “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

      ― Mark Twain

  • Sharppointy1

    Oh my hell! as we say here in Utah. I went on his motorcycle YouTube video and commented I sure hope he has a one story home, so there’s no need for aerial work at his home if God Forbid it burned.
    What a miserable awful garbage mouth. Negative people like him harsh my mellow. Too bad the BFD couldn’t figure out a way to lay a stream of water from the tip of that ladder on his roof and make his yard more than a little muddy- or better yet into his car or truck…..

  • Geoff

    Here is a video of this pansy that still had the comments enabled. Have fun!

  • Geoff
  • Tree

    As Fire21 points out, the guy might just have a legitimate gripe. As several others have pointed out, however, he’s complaining to the wrong audience. Maybe instead of griping on Youtube, he should spend a few minutes on the phone to his councilman or other representative, since it appears that direct contact with the “offending” parties doesn’t go well.

    Unless he’s such a royal PITA that the town fathers won’t listen to him either…

    On the other hand, at least he’s not burning up tax dollars with a stupid lawsuit.

  • slackjawedyokel

    Some of the facebook folks need to grow some thicker skin.

  • Tree

    Looks like he shot that on a Saturday, and the tower was sitting here: N 41.16771 W 73.16698.
    Despite his ‘concern’ that they were blocking access to something, that doesn’t seem to be an issue. A southwest wind (more or less the prevailing wind) appears it would tend to blow fumes in his direction.

  • PPFD

    P*s&Y disabled his YT comments.

    What a man

  • Dmgdriver

    I went to the YouTube feed from this guy. He does not like truck driving schools, Fire Trucks, Safety Kleen, but, According to the address he gives and Google Earth, he lives across the street from an active harbor, including a large fuel tank farm. So Jon P. If you don’t like the odor of fuel, MOVE AWAY!

  • Jim

    By making a video and not just walking over and talking to the guys or politely calling the Chief’s Office/Public #, this guy just sounds like a hater. We have a few of them we deal with constantly dealing with. They have some bone to pick, so they are trashing us on local news sites, they’ll call in false complaints to the chief’s office, and do other things to hassle us. Nothing to do about this jerk, look at what he’s complaining about. At least if it was in front of a grocery store or the guy’s saying Hi after a multi-company run, or something else that could be perceived poorly I would at least understand the gripe. But to do this about the guys training, is just a bitter jerk that hates us.

  • CaptUrs


  • 95%er

    stop the presses.

    are you guys really shocked that someone doesn’t like us?

    think about this for a second. the guy can’t stand something we are doing, and a bunch of us go over to his youtube page and make a bunch of thug like comments about him.

    you, he really is gonna love us now.

    a bit ‘o advice…don’t feed the trolls.

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t allow comments on it via youtube, but you could always report it as abusive…

  • Wilson Says

    I would agree with everyone’s comments. This clown is a huge sack of S%*#!! I am sure the FD Adminstartion will address this, but here are my thoughts.

    Dear Sir, On behalf of the men and women of the Bridgeport Fire Department, I applogize for the situation you endured in your neighborhood while our Ladder Company trained. All of our firefighters are trained to national standards and required to maintain various certifications. In order to have a “Battle Ready” force to serve the community, our firefighters must train. Unfortunately, our department does not have the resources to take these compaines out of service and away from their neighborhoods for training. As such training, depending upon the type is held in various locations in the neighborhoods. I share your concerns about the fumes from our ladder truck. I have been trying for the past several years to replace this truck with a similar “Green Friendly” truck. Due to cuts to the fire department budget and lack of proper funding, we have been unable to replace this truck and we are forced to continue using this truck and several others within our fleet that needs replaced. Can I count on you to help convince your neighbors to adequately fund the fire department so we can moderize the fleet? I always want to hear form citzens and as such maintain an “Open Door” policy. Feel free to call me or visit anytime. Working together we can have a positive effect on our community!

    Chief of Department
    Bridgeport FD

  • He

    He can’t complain to the City. Here is the Title from the BridgeportCt Title 8 HEALTH AND SAFETY Ordinance; 8.04.280 Motor vehicles– Idling of engines restricted; A. No person shall cause or permit the engine of a motor vehicle as defined in Section 10.16.010 of this code, other than a legally authorized emergency vehicle, to idle for longer than ten minutes while parking as defined in such section.

  • He

    John Percell, of Seaview Avenue in Bridgeport, is another complainant who is not satisfied, although he has won several skirmishes over the years with nearby construction companies that brought dust, smoke and truck emissions to his neighborhood.

    Now, it’s the Peckham Asphalt Resale Corp.’s storage tanks at nearby Harborview Terminal that he believes are the cause of his health problems.

    “I don’t see any vapor-recovery system of any kind,” said the 55-year-old who has lived in the house his whole life and filed at least eight complaints with the DEP over the last three years.

    “You just get one excuse after another,” he said Thursday. “It’s been really intense for three days now. My lungs are burning. I’m coughing. I feel like I’ve lost the battle and what I really need is a lawyer to take some legal action against these people.”

    Girard said Percell is well known to DEP personnel.

    “John has filed multiple complaints and many, if not all, have been unsubstantiated,” Girard said. “With the asphalt plant, something has to be going really wrong to have an odor problem. If there was a problem of that size, we’d be inundated with complaints.”

    Read more:

  • Sav

    Take a moment to research this guy on youtube and you would see that he complains about multiple big trucks but at the same time he has a video of a 79′ Harley ( ) which probably has no emission control but has no problem with it. These people cant be pleased no matter how hard you try. I agree there should be attempts made to satisfy his complaints but keep in mind there are some people that just hate the world and there is no way to please them. Train like your life depends on it bc one day it might

  • Anonymous

    thats fine, give us shit for training and learning new ways to protect you but when your house catches fire we wont get near it so the diesel fumes dont affect you

  • Anonymous

    Hey loser, it looks like its during the day, why dont you go out and get a job instead of sitting at home collecting your unemployment!

  • CCC

    I just want to know what happened in this mans life to be so disgruntled towards everything that comes around him. Obviously he is a nutjob, and nutjobs are conspiracy theorists, maybe he should invest in another hobby besides trying to be intellectuallly smarter than those who are actually earning a Salary.

  • slackjawedyokel

    How dare him insult “AMERICAs HERO’s”

  • slackjawedyokel
    Grandpa gave me this advise years ago -yeah the guys a jerk – but who knows what brought on his attitude. As a fireman (Yeah I said fireman) I always felt we should be the bigger man.Come on and be honest , when you say “I hope he never needs us” -that means “I hope something bad happens and I can gloat”
    We should be better than that, get off the pedistal, let it roll off your back, and laugh about it. Posting “choke on a d!ck” is just childish

  • David S.

    Give me a brake you are an a**hole.

  • SRF

    What an assclown. How about this jackoff, walk over and tell them how you feel. Im sure they would consider moving if you actually said something to them! But apparently you rather tape them and post it to you tube. Looks to me like someone new is learning how to use the bucket. Be glad they are into their craft, and learning more about it. And I love this guys stasticts. He should come do some in my town.