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The Super Bowl commercial you didn’t see: So God made the fire department engineer.

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It isn’t quite the same as having Paul Harvey narrate it, but not bad. A video from Camdelen. At 1:30 it even has a picture of my friend‘s Captain Willie Wines, who isn’t an engineer, and at the end it shows one of his buddy,‘s Lt. Rhett Fleitz (below), who is.

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  • Sharppointy1

    Really good pictures of both Willie and Rhett.

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  • PAFF

    Sounds like the engineer and fire chief needs to delegate some responsibility.

  • Fire21

    Well, that’s just silly. It makes it sound like the engineer does everything by himself, including command. I can’t believe that anyone with any fireground experience would ever write something like that. It’s degrading to every firefighter in the world, and insulting to real engineers. HUMBUG!!


    Is this a joke? How much more of this narcissistic YouTube/Facebook page BS are we going to have to put up with. What ever happened to humility. Sometimes I wonder how we can get our heads in our helmets.

  • Caro

    I took this as every firefighter- well said-well meant.Thank you Dave.

  • Tipman49

    Embarrassed as a fireman to be associated with this

  • Not an Engineer

    I kept waiting for the funny punchline, but one never came. So I guess this was meant to be serious. In that case, at the next fire I go to, I am not going to bother to put on my turnouts and will just jump off the truck and look at the driver and say “WOW, you have got a lot of S#!& to do”.

  • Aardvark


  • sergeant sunday

    Wow – and on the first day the fire department engineer made …god, in his own image and likeness, and he so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, Denis Leary, to brag about him for all eternity.

  • agates1272

    Yeah, I think the message they were trying to convey would have been much better served if they had simply said “Firefighter”. I haven’t met an engineer in my life that does even a quarter of all that. Just sayin…

  • mark

    You just couldn’t pass up the oportunity to brag about your young one could you!

  • Thomas Vern

    Did Rhett write this crap? BC Vern

  • Matt

    This is my creation, and yes it was meant to poke fun at the Engineers. I know our engineers fill SCBA bottles with their mouths don’t yours? And they all are tougher than groundhogs.

    I love Not an engineers comment the best!!!

    “at the next fire I go to, I am not going to bother to put on my turnouts and will just jump off
    the truck and look at the driver and say “WOW, you have got a lot of S#!& to do”.”

    • Sharppointy1

      Matt, I thought it was funny. I just assumed it was a parody with the tougher than groundhogs line, AND the “firefighters” from “Backdraft”. Well done!

  • Alex

    You people take yourselves and this job way too seriously… I bet you’re all medics…
    PS 9 years in and a 3 year engineer and boy are my arms tired

  • Anonymous

    This is an insult to the farmers of America commercial! We all know engineers are the 1st ones to the bunkroom at 0700 upon assuming duty. Lame……..even more lame that a squirrel would come up with this crap!!

  • Anonymous

    OK…that was just STUPID!

  • ShamrockDriver

    Well I got to write. First a little about this Engineer. 25 years on this Dec. Driving since year 15. Engine I’m driving has hit 4000+ calls since before I got here. You haters are way too serious. I do stock the truck, check the fluids, go to bed at around 0200hrs, don’t ask for help washing the truck, fix things around the station, give tours, etc. etc. And lastly, I would(try)to go in to rescue my crew not because I was worried about RIT but because I LOVE, that’s right, LOVE my brothers and sisters and wouldn’t be able to live if I didn’t try. Come on guys, don’t be so seriuos. We all know Engineers don’t walk on water…..but by the same token our knees don’t get wet either. Y’all be safe and lighten up a little.

  • NJSteve

    Got me! I thought this was meant to be taken seriously at first. You forgot to mention that he stretches the line and puts out the fire too!

  • 22Engine

    Ok, everybody – take a deep breath, take a bubble bath, hug a puppy or pay a visit to the local Hallmark Greeting Card store. Whooo-Sah. Whoo-sah…

    Ok, now that everybody’s pulse rates and blood pressure’s have returned to normal…

    While the title “Fire Department Engineer” may be incorrect in relation to all tasks listed in this video they ARE tasks COLLECTIVELY performed by Fireman, Fire/Medics, Wagon Drivers, etc. So why not simply view it as simply as one man’s tribute to the job and put the ridicule to rest?

    Oh, I forgot, one of the unwritten rules of “The Brotherhood” is to s**t on anyone who puts together something like this for public display.

    Ask yourself this: What was the intent behind the creation of this video? If you think it was for any of the reasons listed in some of these comments then perhaps you need to re-consider your perspective.

    Or, in the words of Chief Rick Lasky, “There’s the door”.

    • dave statter

      I can’t figure why people are taking it so seriously. There were parts of it that were very funny and it was a timely idea. Made me laugh.

      • ShamrockDriver

        Agree Dave. What people have to remember, as their feelings are hurt because they feel their Driver does nothing and they do everything, is that their Driver was on the back of the truck once and he did do it all back then. With years of experiance comes the knowledge that one way to teach is let the inexperianced do it themselves.

  • 22Engine

    Thank you, Dave. I agree. Rarely do I see an “Engineer” (Wagon driver) performing ALS interventions or other things mentioned…. but others do. In the end it’s a great video that could have been better titled and scripted “On the 8th day God Made Fireman”. And NOBODY should say anything slanderous at a time when men such as Willey Wines are going through such personal turmoil. If ya don’t know, check his blog. A Fireman;s Fireman struck with and trying to contend with a personal tragedy. God love the guy. Despite some differences in opinions – Peace, and be safe.


    Jesu Christo, people!! It’s a freakin’ joke, a parody, something fun.

    Do you know if you say the word “gullible” three times really fast, it sounds like “oranges’?

    • ShamrockDriver

      I don’t know which is worse. The fact that you wrote that last line or the fact that I tried it. GREAT :)