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Raw video & radio traffic: House fire in Kosciusko, MS. Medics see lightning hit home.

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Brief radio traffic clips can be found here, here, here & here

Video from kosyonline taken yesterday at 7122 Fairground Street in Kosciusko, Mississippi. According to Kosy Online, a crew from MedState EMS were in a nearby parking lot when they saw lightning hit the house just after noon.

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  • Scooter

    Looks like they did a nice job. Hard to say what went on before the video but nice job (did they run the line in 30 seconds or less). Roof vent would have helped the inside crew a little but over all nice job. Strike Da Box! K

  • Harry Rampe

    Nice knockdown Looked like a volly department with good trainind

  • Scott

    Good, quick job. Puttting the fan up there helped clear it out quickley. Not bad for what appears to be a rural, vollie dept..

  • the ear

    They did a great job with no manpower.

  • Retired Chief

    Its amazing when you go inside at attack the fire instead of throwing water at the orange from the yard, the fire darkens down and goes out. Good job.

  • slackjawedyokel

    How in the world did they ever do it -plain jane engine, no “traditional” helmets – and most of all —- no bumper trrret

  • Anonymous

    They layed their own line. Had attack line deployed and operating off tank water. Charged and switched to supply line. Nice work. Could they have used a vent hole? Yes. Did they have the extra people to do it safely? Probably not. Good use of horizontal ventilation with the fan. Overall a very refreshing firefighting operation.

  • Safety First

    I guess they don’t need to wear a nomex hood

  • no name

    How about nobody commenting on the fact that homeboy had no hood on and his whole face was exposed when he came out of the house.

    wear ppe correctly.

    and close your tank fill. damn.

    nice quick knock but lots of smoke still pushing from the attic…

  • Fire21

    It’s sad that these smaller towns (Kosciusko, population about 7400) can’t get more firefighters on scene more quickly.. These guys did a great job with what they had. As for closing the tank fill…it was raining, everything was already wet!! LOL!

  • Scott

    Easy to forget the hood, especially when putting gear on at scene. I did that on a fire not to long ago, realized it when put mask on, at that point it was too late. Went on in
    and worked until relief came.