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Helmet-cam: St. Paul, MN house fire.

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Twin Cities Fire Wire’s pictures from fire

Video from JW0LFY of a house fire on Monday in St. Paul, Minnesota. According to Twin Cities Fire Wire the fire occurred around 11:20 PM in the 800 block Magnolia Avenue E. Here’s more:

Engine 17′s crews stretched a pre-connect to the rear of the home and Engine 7 stretched a backup line through the front door of the home. Engine 7′s crew encountered fire rolling along the ceiling from the rear of the home.

Ladder 7 conducted searches and Engine 4 laid a supply link to Engine 7. Engine 17 hooked into a hydrant near the vehicle.


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  • Kevin

    Can’t get much more aggressive than that! Hop off the rig, pull the preconnect, go right to the fire and then ask for water. I guess you know you have confidence in your engineer when you can do that.

  • no name

    john wayne’d that one didn’t he?

    nice push for a quick knock, but where is your buddy? no 2 in?

    and on a house that small, no reason to go in uncharged.

  • He

    Good job Mom and Dad,,,,smoke detectors save lives.

  • BH

    Did I miss something, or did the 1st-due take their line through the back, and he opposed them from the front?

    • Fire21

      That’s what it says in the text. I got burned once, in the days before hoods, when a line through a window pushed fire over my partner and me. It was simple blister burns on my neck and ears, but painful, nonetheless. I don’t like opposing lines!

      • Fire21

        By the way, I was up close and personal on that fire. I’m here to tell you that an improperly applied wide fog WILL push fire! It rolled right over the top of us.

  • David S.

    Fire 21 I know the feeling that happened to me too numerious times. Everyone has to pay attention what the other crew or company is doing. Quick action on this fire.

  • Anacostia County

    17 Engine should not of gone around back. They handed that fire to 7 Engine on a silver platter. Nice quick work by the crew of 7 Engine.

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