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Here’s a scenario to practice: Police order school lockdown for gunman at same time unrelated fire breaks out inside school.

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In New Zealand yesterday, five students suffered smoke inhalation during a fire in the library of New Plymouth’s Devon Intermediate School. At the same time the school was being evacuated, police were trying to call the school to tell them to keep all students inside on lockdown because of an unrelated report of a man with a gun near the school.

The school’s principal couldn’t hear the message from police due to the fire alarm and confusion surrounding the fire, but imagine her dilemma if she had received those instructions. It turns out the gunman was a man carrying a rifle he was selling, but the fire was real.

Kirsty McMurry & Leighton Keith, Taranaki Daily News:

The “gunman” was later safely found at his nearby home.

Principal Fiona Parkinson said they couldn’t hear the police instructions to lock down the school.

About 300 students were evacuated to the school’s lower sports field but shifted to the netball courts when staff spotted the armed police.

They were soon on the move again, to nearby St Joseph’s school, when smoke billowed on to the courts.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    Any “worst case scenario” can always be made worse!!

  • John W

    I know my Dept. We are going in. The cops can come if they want.

  • mark

    This is why I’ve always believed lockdowns are just flat out stupid and ignorant. It’s only a matter of time before an idiot realizes that all his targets are locked in a building and uses a different method than a gun to start killing them. And the victims can’t do squat because they’re not allowed to.

    Should our military go back to the days of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and line up when attacking? Because that’s basically what lockdowns are. Open the doors and windows and let everyone run. If I was ever in an active shooter situation, you will not find me or anyone with me huddling in a corner waiting for the cops to show up.

    • W M

      SO your idea is to have the kids exit the stone,mason building like a duck on a shooting gallery belt? There is no GREAT answer to the active shooter, but thick walls = cover, the “get them out” option, well there is nothing to hide behind on the sports field. Think about it!

      • mark

        As Fire21 stated, and I did, lockdowns are not the answer. These idiots will learn and use different methods to achieve their goals. Propane bombs or whatever and you will end up with rooms full of dead people.

        I have thought about it. And being locked in a room waiting for someone else to save me is not an option.

        Moving target vs stationary target… think about it.

    • Fire21

      The 2 guys at Columbine had propane bombs that they hoped to use. In the case of a lockdown, all the murderer needs to do is throw explosives through the locked door windows, or kick the door down and throw the bomb. Instead of people dying one at a time, we have multitudes at once!

      I had never thought before of the potential downsides to lockdown. I’m just glad my fire career is almost over, and I don’t have to deal with such decisions!