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Read report: Sex on-duty scandal in Polk County, Florida results in firing of battalion chief & two EMS supervisors. Deputy chief disciplined for text messages.

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Kristin Weber WTSP-TV:

Three Polk County Fire Rescue employees were fired and another was suspended without pay as a result of an investigation into their alleged inappropriate behavior.

Polk County officials say their investigation, which began in January, confirmed allegations Michael Choate, Trampas Fletcher, Shellie Krauklis and Michael Tomlinson had engaged in sexual misconduct while on duty and on county property.

Investigators say they also found sufficient evidence Choate, a deputy chief, sent and received inappropriate text messages on his county-issued cell phone


In a five-page report released by the fire department, officials say medical supervisor Shellie Krauklis engaged in sex acts with medical supervisor Michael Tomlinson and battalion chief Trampas Fletcher, and she also exchanged inappropriate text messages with deputy chief Michael Choate.

The report says Krauklis engaged in sex acts multiple times with Tomlinson and Fletcher while on duty, though their separate accounts differ on how often and to what extent.

The report says Krauklis admitted to as many as 15 encounters with Fletcher, who conceded he engaged in sex acts while on duty.


Channel 9 also learned that Krauklis sent and received sexual text messages from Deputy Chief Michael Choate but he never made physical contact with him.

According to the county, at least one of the physical encounters happened where the ambulances are stationed.

Meanwhile, across the street, Choate was sending and receiving text messages on his county cellphone.

While Choate wasn’t fired, he was suspended for a week, costing him about $2,500 in lost wages.

“We’re all human,” said Cash. “These are good employees that made a bad decision.”

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  • David S.

    These people should know better and they should have realized that they were going to be caught.Another black eye for the state of fla.

  • Scooter

    Little head over road the big head! I guess in this case I have to say “The Box Has Been Struck” instead of “Strike Da Box!” K How stupid… not worth loosing your job K

  • Dickey

    Like I said before, can’t fix stupid. God…she isn’t even hot LOL

  • RQ

    She’s like a moped. They might be fun to ride but don’t let your friend catch you on one….

  • R2

    Not only is she plug ugly, but trashy too. These guys were definitely going for the low-hanging fruit. A Deputy Chief? How do idiots like that get promoted? They didn’t just lose money, they lost any professional respect they might have had and most likely their marriages.

  • slackjawedyokel

    must be something in the air in Florida —–oh -yeah -its her legs

  • RJ(in florida)

    Ah the drama in polk county never ceases to amaze me. since this happened in the next county over i gotta remember to stay in mine

    R2-they had a choice of sex or disney…the rides are more fun at disney

    Hey Slackjaw….priceless

  • Middle Aged FF

    Know this Department very well. While Polk County is rumored to be where every redneck joke comes from, they have an outstanding Department. Unfortunately, as they are one of the ten largest Departments in the state, there is a higher probability of a few members doing stupid things that cast a bad light on the other members. The members of that Department are highly dedicated, well trained, well equipped and fiercely proud of their Department. Their Chief holds them to high expectations and a strong code of conduct. Those who don’t meet those expectations and don’t conduct themselves appropriately are sent packing or dealt with severely. Don’t judge the hundreds who do right by the foolish actions of a few.