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CT former chief & lieutenant arrested on charges they had sex with jr. firefighters. Chief served jail time after similar arrest 30-years-ago.

Former chief Joseph Michael Carilli (l) and Lt. Joe Fragoso (r).

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When Joseph Carilli became chief of Connecticut’s Coventry Volunteer Fire Association in 2006 he made the news. That’s because Carilli had served eight months in prison in 1985 when he was 24-years-old after being accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. According to, Carilli told reporters in 2006,  “It was a very bad situation and it should have never occurred. I’ve changed my life 180 degrees since then.” If the news over the last six months is any guide, it appears Chief Carilli really changed his life 360 degrees.

First, was his forced resignation as chief in September after the store manager and two employees of Dunkin’ Donuts on Main Street claimed that on several occaisions Chief Carilli used language that made them uncomfortable. And now, the 53-year-old Carilli, who remained training officer for the department, is under arrest again. Carilli and Lieutenant Joe Fragoso, age 35. are accused of having sexual contact with some of the department’s junior firefighters, ages 14 to 17.


Police have charged Joseph Michael Carilli, 55 of Coventry, the department’s training officer, with sexual assault in the second degree and risk of injury to a minor. Joe Fragoso, 35 of Coventry, a second lieutenant, was charged with second-degree sexual assault.

Police said the investigation revealed that both subjects had been having sexual relations with members of the CVFA Junior Firefighter program, where 14-to-17-year-old teens participate in training, emergency calls and public education.

Police said the fire fighters turned themselves in at the Coventry Police Department after learning that there were warrants for their arrest.

David Owens,

Fragoso has been a fire lieutenant with the department since June 2012.

Police said their investigation found that both men had sexual relations with members of the department’s Junior Firefighter program.

Police said the Coventry Volunteer Fire Association’s current leadership cooperated with the police investigation.

Coventry Police Chief Mark Palmer said the investigation continues and asked that anyone with further information call police at 860-742-7331 and ask for Sgt. Michael McDonagh or Det. Michael Hicks.

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  • haveyouseenmybaseball?

    What the hell is going on in Connecticut?!?

  • Mike

    Why was this guy allowed in the fire department in the first place with a criminal reord? It seems like volly FD’s are so willing to take anyone just to fill the rosters.

  • WTH

    Sorry folks but this is why we have lost total respect in the fire service. You let a clown like this get on the department and THEN make him chief even with a criminal history. You get what you pay for. The reason you don’t hear this kind of crap and other negative PR for the police is because they don’t allow children to do a job meant for adults. They have no place in firehouses and neither do pedophiles. I’ve never been a fan of junior programs and this helps solidify my opinion. Do background checks and find adults for this job. If you can’t get enough qualified people to do the job the find the money to pay them. You can say “we don’t have the money” but they found enough to hire cops.

    • a Junior

      us teens do have a place in the fire house with out us juniors, you wont know who is joining the department in 5 or so years you wont know anything about them, and they wont know prior knowledge about fire fighting which will take more time for them to learn… us juniors are the future of firefighting ..!!!!!

      • Fire21

        Not without learning how to use punctuation!!

    • Mack Seagrave

      LOL … The NYPD has a cop who is in jail on charges of conspiracy to commit a kidnapping for the purpose of sexual assault and cannibalism. Another was recently convicted of raping a school teacher in a back alley where he had dragged her while she was walking to work. There is a never ending supply of stories about the henious actions of police officers, so please don’t try to make people believe your baseless statement that, “The reason you don’t hear this kind of crap and other negative PR for the police is because they don’t allow children to do a job meant for adults.” There are good and evil people in ALL lines of work, clearly if these two did what they are accused of they should never be allowed to belong to a fire deprtment again (in addition to serving a lengthy stay in prison).

  • D.R.

    Want the secret to running a successful fire department? Establish standards and stick to them. It seems that too many departments are failing to do one (or both) of these things in ALL areas of operations — hiring, training, operations, etc.

  • Former Chief

    Another black eye for the fire service. I have to agree with Mike’s comments above. Many volunteer FD’s are taking anyone to fill their roster. But career FD’s are being forced to lower their hiring standards as well in some juridictions. Eventually, the people who are being recruited take leadership positions and the results are seldom good. D.R. is also correct, have standards and stick to them, both with recruiting and discipline.

  • Dave

    Look, once a pedophile always a pedophile!!! Him saying I have changed my ways, is like OJ saying I am still looking for the real killer. All Departments, Career, Volunteer, Police etc… need to do a better job of screening applicants. Dude did time for “sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl” and first off you let him on the job, and then made him the Chief!!! Come on!!!REALLY!!!

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  • 30 year coventry resident

    This has been Coventry’s dirty little secret for years! Just how many people knew what was going on and did nothing? Are those really the type of people we as a community want responding to our most personal needs in emergency situations? NO WAY! Integrity..Character…doing the Right thing. The people who stood by, had a feeling something wasn’t right…they did nothing. How did this man have such control, how did he have so many people duped?