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Raw video: LAFD firefighters handle fabric store fire & arcing wire on the roof.

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Video shot today by firelensman of Los Angeles Task Force 9 during a fire at 719 East 9th Street. According to the description, a burned man walked up to firefighters during overhaul. Also, firefighters on the roof dealt with an arcing wire. Here’s more from the description:

Firefighters made entry, quickly knocking down the fire in front of “American Fabric Company” before it could spread. Firefighters on the roof encountered an arching wire at the “drip loop” and quickly neutralized the threat


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  • Crowbar

    A trained lineman would have used eye protection while performing that task.

  • ukfbbuff

    I’m surprised that Pacific Gas and Electricity or Con. Ed did
    cut the cables.

  • ukfbbuff


    Meant to write:

    “Did Not” cut the cables.

    My FD doesn’t allow this practice.

  • http://denise mdff

    Not in my job description.

  • Fire21

    LOL…He’s only a trained firefighter.

  • Anonymous

    No way would this be done by anyone on the fireground other than a trained employee of the power company….PERIOD.

  • Harry Rampe

    As a retired utility worker all i have to say is “that was the dumbist thing i have seen”.This fireman could have been blinded if the wires arced while doing this task.He would be looking at arc welding without eye protection.Water all around and he has no tested rubber gloves on.Could have gotten electructed.Where i worked all gloves were tested once a month by our lab and given air test before putting them on.Also did he know what voltage and amperage he was working with.A lot of bad things could happen here.Lucky his buddies are not going to a funeral

  • LeatherHead17

    Eff that…what is that a Walmart tree pruner? That’s what they issue in Detriot

  • LeatherHead17

    That tatic is way above his pay grade

  • LearnSomethingNewDaily

    Wow. Is that normal practice in LAFD??? I know the left coast does things different buuuuutttt……… hmmmm. Hey Rookie! Want to get out of cooking at the house tonight???