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Explosion caught on camera: Oxygen tank blows up during house fire in New Hope, AL knocking down firefighters.

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Jeff Gray from WHNT-TV in Huntsville, Alabama had the camera rolling this morning when an explosion at a house fire on Highway 431 in New Hope knocked down three firefighters. Gray reports the firefighters were shaken but not injured.

Ty Watwood, WHNT-TV:

An oxygen tank is what caused the fireball. Three firefighters were knocked to the ground and two of them were seen crawling away from the home.

Fire departments from New Hope and Owens Cross Roads responded to the home around 1:30 a.m.

A fire marshal on scene said the homeowner was cooking when a grease fire erupted in the kitchen.


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  • slackjawedyokel

    Looks to me like they fell down running as opposed to getting knocked down.

  • 8truck

    Pucker factor of 8 on that one

  • Puzzled

    They was crawlin’ cause they didn’t want the stinky stuff filling their boots! Cause ya know they did!


    Rule #1: If you hear the explosion, you’ll probably live through it.

    Rule #2: You’ll probably still need fresh underwear.

  • Sharppointy1

    Holy S… which is what I expect the FF’s did. But this video makes me VERY nervous, because we have an oxygen concentrator and a spare E cylinder in the house. The E cylinder is in a closet quite near the front door…..Yikes. I would be beyond distraught if my oxygen hurt a FF.