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Fight at Oklahoma firehouse leaves one firefighter dead. Strother FD’s chaplain, Capt. Dale Patterson being mourned.

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Bill Finch,  The Seminole Producer:

The altercation occurred in the early morning hours on Thursday after the firefighters had returned from a run. It was during the course of the altercation that Patterson allegedly hit his head on a hard surface at the station.

Communication records showed that an ambulance from the Seminole Fire Rescue responded to the Strother Fire Department at approximately 1:45 a.m.




Authorities say a volunteer firefighter in Oklahoma has died after a fight with another firefighter at the Strother Fire Department.

Seminole County Sheriff Shannon Smith says 56-year-old Dale Patterson died at OU Medical Center after the fight early Thursday.

Strother Fire Chief Nicholas Nadeau tells Oklahoma City television station KOCO  that Patterson joined the department as a volunteer firefighter six years ago. He says Patterson had risen to the rank of captain and also served as the department’s chaplain.

He says Patterson previously worked as a drug enforcement officer in New Mexico before moving to Oklahoma to retire.

Few details were released about the altercation, but authorities say no arrests have been made. The name of the other firefighter involved in the fight has not been released.


Smith said Dale Patterson, 56, was transported to Seminole Hospital. He was then flown by medical helicopter to OU Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

“Dale had come to me six years ago to become a firefighter,” said Nadeau. “Throughout the six years, he’s made rank of a captain. He showed great leadership, great personality.”

Patterson served as a chaplain for the department and often offered to pray with those who firefighters were helping.

Nadeau said the department is mourning his death while also trying to support the other firefighter involved in the fight. 

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    Why can’t people just get along? Why is our society so violent?

    Prayers for Capt. Patterson, his friends, family and department.

  • Anonymous

    Great looking fire chief…fat and a goatee, seems like a real,good people manager as well

  • Rescue Boss

    Amazing, because the chief is a larger gentleman with a goatee, he is not a Good fire chief?
    You sir are the reason the Fire Service in the United States is the way it is today plain and simple!

  • Former Chief

    First, Rest In Peace Capt. Patterson. This is certainly a tragedy. But, WTF? A fight that resulted in someone’s death at the fire station? Now for those of us who have been in the fire service for a while, I doubt many of us can say we’ve never seen a confrontation at the station. It happens, just usually not with such tragic results. I’m kind of curious why the other individual involved is not named. On a side note regarding the Chief’s appearance, I have to admit that it is a pet peave of mine to see a Firefighter, especially a Chief Officer with facial hair that obviously violates NFPA standards. I’m kind of partial to that whole “lead by example” thing. I hope their department learns from this tragedy and can get past it while honoring someone who sounds like he was a good man.