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Firefighter shot in leg by colleague. He was supposed to hit the cow.

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Dealing with an angry, injured cow left a volunteer firefighter from the Renfroe VFD in Talledega County, Alabama in Regional Medical Center in Anniston with a bullet wound to his leg. The local sheriff calls it an accidental shooting and won’t be filing charges against the firefighter who fired the gun. According to Chris Norwood at The Daily Home the bullet was meant for the animal after the firefighters had responded to a call for the cow being struck by a car:
According to Talladega County Chief Deputy Jimmy Kilgore, two Renfroe Volunteer firefighters responded to the call on the 3000 block of Plantersville Road about 8 Wednesday night. While they were trying to move the injured cow out of the roadway, the animal became agitated and attempted to charge at one of the firefighters. The firefighter pulled a handgun and shot at the cow but missed, instead hitting his colleague in the lower leg.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • VanMan

    Perfect example of why firefighters and EMS personnel shouldn’t be armed. Leave the bang-bangs to the po-po.

    • Buck

      Cops have never shot anyone unintentionally huh? Evidently you don’t get out much

      • VanMan

        Last thing FD or EMS needs is another round of mandated training. Yes, the cops shoot people accidentally (and unjustifiably) disturbingly often… and they have all sorts of weapons training. Arming FFs would be like handing a 2 1/2 to a cop.

  • Fire21

    Perhaps some remedial firearms training is in order. Or should that be BASIC training! Would like to know if he had that gun in his vehicle or on his hip?

  • Old Man

    Talledega Nights !


    All personnel are to report to the firing range at 0800 for target practice!