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Helmet-cam: Initial attack at two-alarm house fire in Lansdowne, PA.

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Video from intimidator2463 showing the attack by East Lansdowne Fire Company’s Engine 24 at a fire yesterday in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania (Delaware County). Here’s more from the description with the video:

Upon arrival, Engine 24 stretched the 200′ attack line to Side Alpha, and began an aggressive interior attack of the 1st floor. 24’s second arriving crews also stretched the 250′ attack line to division 2 where they found heavy fire conditions and extinguished the same.  The 400′ attack line was also deployed to the basement division where several rooms were found well involved.

Vince Sullivan, Delco Times:

A raging, two-alarm fire destroyed the inside of a three-story home in the first block of East Stewart Avenue in Lansdowne Friday morning. According to officials at the scene, the home had just undergone a complete rehabilitation after a Christmas tree-fueled fire gutted the same house in 2008.

“The first responding engine had heavy fire on the first floor and second floor,” Lansdowne Fire Company Deputy Chief Wayne Worley said of the fire, which was dispatched at 10:355. Officers immediately struck a second alarm, Worley said, because they wanted to be sure they had enough firefighters to battle the blaze.

“The companies did a good job and got it under control in about 30 minutes,” Worley said, adding that nobody was inside the home.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks like did a good job… But how much quicker could the line went to work… I see the wagon pipe sitting on the sidwalk? Like my chief has always said “get the first line run, and going to work and 98% of your problems go away”… Don’t worry about the 2nd line (wagon pipe on this ?) get the 1st line run K Strike Da Box! k

    • LearnSomethingNewDaily

      Man, you sure do arm chair quarterback just about every fire video on here. Can’t we just watch a video and say to ourselves “at least some fire departments do interior firefighting still…” and move on. Save the “Strike da box! K” for the videos that rightfully earn such nit picking. & I usually don’t comment on others post because of free speach and all…. but wow. You would make a great anchorman if the fire service had a channel like ESPN.

    • brian

      What you saw in the beginning Of the video was stretched by a different Eng. Than the one who’s crew made the attack