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Caught on video: St. Lucie County, FL firefighters rescue boy from Ft. Pierce house fire that killed his grandmother.

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Watch video from fire here & here

A 70-year-old grandmother has died of burns and two others — including an 8-year-old boy — remain hospitalized with critical burns from a house fire that happened Monday morning, a survivor said Tuesday.

Officials plan to transfer the youth, Demetris Gollett, to a specialized burn unit in Ohio, said his uncle, Antonio Andrews.

Andrews, Demetris and Barbara Ponders, 70, and Thomas Ponders, 72, were in the house, on north 25th Street, when a cigarette apparently ignited a couch and Thomas Ponders’ clothing, Andrews said.

Demetris wasn’t able to get out and was rescued by two firefighters about 8:30 a.m.

Jana Eschbach, WPEC-TV:

Demtrius could have died inside — he is also badly burned — but he was pulled out by Engine 4’s St. Lucie County Fire Rescue Lt. Steve Burns and Lt. Chris Longo.

“We just went in.. and our crew in front of us clearing the window and we just..we went in the window,” said Lt. Burns.

“Instead of going back through the window, which would have been harder, we came out through the hallway and living room that was on fire and shielded the boy,” Burns said.

They used their gear to shield him from flames and made it out with him still alive.

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  • cappy

    What a grab…a very good day for the brothers in Florida.Renewed pride in ding the job when I see footage like this.. Hope the young man and his family fully recover. What a feeling to have such an opportunity.. I have 31 years in vol. and career and only had four of theses.. only one victim survived… the rest lived for a while and expired later. I try to remind myself that they were found in an IDLH atmosphere… many will not survive. This is what we prepare for… an opportunity to help save a life.. Good job guys!

  • Just A Fireman

    Great job guys. As a County service, these guys are facing an elimination of their pension. Every state legislator who thinks getting rid of the Florida Retirement System should view this video.

  • Fire21

    Awesome work by dedicated public servants. When will politicians learn that decreasing our capabilities decreases victims’ chances of survival??

    The 2nd video said the air evac had to wait 10 minutes for clearance from a Presidential no-fly zone. Some things, like life safety, should take precedence over what the President is doing!!

  • Walter

    great save guys!

  • Capt Dick

    Would have been better story if the FD would hammer home the fact smoke detectors save lives…. No mention of that or a family escape plan.