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Explosion caught on video: House fire in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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This video was sent to me by Mark and Nate Albrecht from a fire around 9:00 this morning at Park Avenue and Dana Street in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. At :41 in the video there is a bit of an explosion in the attic. Here’s more on the fire (no mention of the explosion).



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  • Cappy

    Conditions just right for a small smoke explosion…The wind played a minor roll feeding the oxygen to a fairly small tight space with fuel and heat. I like the platform on the gable end vent applying lots of water.

  • That1Guy

    WTF? Why are they ladder piping it? Oh, that’s right, because it’s “safe”. I forgot, the fire service isn’t made up of firemen anymore, its just a bunch of cowards and losers that want a t-shirt that gets them a discount at the local Pizza Hut. Trifilin’

    • Rescue551

      Hey were you at that fire?

    • willowbay

      I don’t know the details but I do think it is over-generalizing, unfair and inaccurate to say what you said. The great majority of fire people are the complete opposite, contrary to your comment. Looking at videos Dave posts, one can see many examples of courage, kindness and professionalism. Look at the rescue of the little boy at that Florida house fire for example.

    • chicagofire

      and what do you do for a living, you a hole wacker.

    • Rescue551

      That1Guy, since I was at that fire and you weren’t, I can vouch for the Wilkes-barre City firefighters. When that ‘smoke explosion’ occurred, the second floor collapsed. I’m not sure if you’re into firefighter LODD’s, but they were using your tactics at that fire, you would’ve had to make a few pretty shitty phone calls to the families of those firefighters.

    • R Smith

      Which Pizza Hut gives the discount. After hours of flowing water thru windows I was hungry.