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Explosion caught on video: Propane blast on roof of apartment building under construction in Jacksonville, Florida.

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This fire occurred eight days ago at an apartment building under construction in Jacksonville, Florida. This video capture a pretty sizable explosion from one of the propane tanks on the roof. You can see the tank venting pretty clearly at around 7:40 and the blast occurs about 10 seconds later.


The State Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of a fire that consumed the rooftop of an apartment complex under construction at St. Johns Town Center on Tuesday.

Hundreds of nearby shoppers watched as the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department searched for workers who they believed were trapped in the five-story building.

More than 60 firefighters began battling the fire just before 4 p.m. and Action News was told it was under control within 15 minutes.

JFRD spokesman Tom Francis says the early investigation leads to propane tanks as the cause of those blasts. The tanks are part of construction equipment used to heat foam to build a rooftop deck. That equipment was likely used earlier in the day.

Although the timeline still not clear to investigators, they tell Action News that work on the roof wrapped at 3:30, so workers were already on their way home and no injuries were reported.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Scott

    Interesting fire. I didn’t like the placement of the first ladder but maybe they couldn’t get any closer although the
    tiller drove right up by the building. Also downwind right in the smoke. Looked like they were overshooting for a while but finally started hitting the fire. Fire just about out before they got water flowing.

    • Steve

      They may have been trying to stay out of the collapse zone. I’m not sure..

  • Northeast Jake

    Would have been nice if the “dude” had dialed 911, there seemed to be a delay in the FD arrival, at least from the side he was filming. At least he was joined by another dumba** “dude and bro” to help commentate.

  • Captain Retired NJ

    Just another instance where the videographer SHOULD KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT!!! Just an example of the average citizen that does not think before he opens his big pie hole. The scary thing is that he votes, has children, and passes along the entire package and then the cycle repeats itself. Sad.

    • Brian Haggerty

      Isn’t that the truth. The ever depleating gene pool…..

  • Dom

    I love how intelligent my generation sounds on most days. Thank you MTV for teaching my generation that sounding like an idiot is cool.

    • Fire21

      I was going to comment on how well educated in the usage of English the younger generation seems to be nowadays, but you, Capt Retired and Northeast Jake already did it.

      And I agree with Scott that the placement of the 1st ladder appeared to be not very good. But, at the distance we were looking, it’s hard to tell what they were facing.

      • Dom

        My guess from the video is that that location was the best location to set up a ladder in relation to a water supply. It looked as though the area around that building was very barren in terms of water supply.

      • Dom

        And maybe the only pavement to set up on? Then later arriving engine that pulls up is in a dirt lot, not great for setting up a truck on.

  • Sharppointy1

    Well, Dave, I want to congratulate you! For the first time you have posted a video that made me so angry I wanted to reach through my Mac screen and strangle the idiot who took and posted the video.
    “Somebody better call 911- sure as hell ain’t me”. Damned sociopath – wanting to watch death and destruction without helping. What if the building had been occupied?
    I can attest that the F bomb slips from my mouth now and again, but good grief. This young man is probably unemployable with such a limited vocabulary.

  • boomer55

    Well Being a news reporter is not in this guy’s future…

  • Lizard

    Brought to you by the “yo boy” news network…

  • Charlie

    Too bad he isn’t one of those people that accidentally keeps his finger over the microphone. I had to mute it, like shut the fuck up.. it’s just a fire.