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Four pulled from Glenarden, MD house fire. PGFD says adult & 2 children dead, 1 child critical.

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Tweet from PGFD Marc Bashoor at 6:13 AM:

Leslie Av house fire. Sad day – adult male & 2 kids pronounced at hospitals, pulse restored 1 child-critical, 1 child, 1 adult female stable

Picture from PGFD Chief Marc Bashoor.

Press release from PGFD’s Mark Brady:

Firefighters were alerted to a house fire with occupants trapped at around 4:00 am, Thursday, February 21.

Volunteer Firefighters from Kentland Station 833 were the first to arrive at a brick 1-story with basement single family home in the 8600 block of Leslie Avenue in Glenarden. Conditions on arrival included fire and heavy smoke showing. Kentland and other arriving firefighters initiated a search of the burning home and removed 1 adult male and 3 children: 5, 8 and 10 year old females. All four were not breathing and had no pulse. Firefighters started CPR on the victims and all were quickly transported by paramedics to area hospitals. 2 other occupants, an adult female and an 8 year old child, had escaped the fire before the fire departments arrival and sustained less serious injuries and have been transported to area hospitals.

The fire was knocked down within 30 minutes. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

The adult male and two of the children were pronounced deceased a short time after arriving at the hospital despite the very best efforts of everyone involved. One child had a pulse restored and is in the process of being transported to a hospital that specializes in the care and treatment of children.

As additional information becomes available this site will be updated.

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  • Bill S.

    I wonder how many jackasses will make the “volunteers, you get what you pay for” statement on this? Many career departments can only wish they had guys like the volunteers from 33, and many other PG houses as well. Granted, lots of those 33 guys are paid elsewhere, but still, it is a volunteer house.

    • dave statter

      Are you looking for a battle on this? I don’t recall any such comments. Am I missing something?

    • Bill Carey

      True a volunteer house, so long as you’re excluding the ambulance crew, but truer still, a combination fireground.

      Bill Carey

  • Bill S.

    No more than you do sometimes, Dave. Just saying. Anyhow, atta boys to everyone who did their damdest to get these people out. Too bad it turned out the way it did, nothing you
    can do sometimes.

    • dave statter

      Really? Huh, I will have to start looking for examples of me doing that.

      • Fire21

        Dave, I’ve seen the statement a couple times in comments from readers, but never from you.

    • Commenter

      I’ve never seen Dave Statter engage in volunteer bashing or otherwise wade into the career vs. volunteer rift. If he has an angle, it’s going to be transparency, accountability, First Amendment Rights, and adequate funding of emergency services (career or volunteer). He’s pretty consistent.

  • agates1272

    Looks to me like Bill S. was simply trolling for a fight–go take your drama somewhere else. Vollie or paid, these ff’s made a valiant effort. Kudos to them, my heart goes out to all.