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Must see video: Turning out when a major earthquake hits.

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This is February 27, 2010 in Chile as a magnitude 8.8 quake hit. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Sorry if you had seen it before, but if it was out there, I sure missed it.



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  • WillMega06


  • Fire21

    Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night nor earthquakes will stay these servants from the completion of their appointed rounds!!! Amazing dedication!

    We always read where with earthquakes the shaking goes on for 10/15/20 seconds. What I saw was at 2 minutes when the camera view changed!!

  • Legeros

    That video left me shaken.

  • Sharppointy1

    Very nice job getting the apparatus out of the building.
    Any guesses on what was flying around inside the station? There was lots of it – I was reminded of straw, perhaps. Hope someone can enlighten us.

    • Jeff

      It looked like snow flakes to me. They tend to streak on cameras because of long exposures in darker environments.

      • Fire21

        Feb 27 would be the dead of summer in Chile. No snow unless they were way up in the mountains.

  • slackjawedyokel

    Different cultures -different attitudes – sad to say , a lot of areas they would have said “oh well , insurance would pay for it”