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Early raw video: House fire in Summerville, SC.

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Early video from hottotrot942 of a house fire on the afternoon of February 14 on Dericote Lane off of Jamison Road in Summervile, South Carolina. Here’s news coverage.

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  • LT117

    Interesting……passing other staffed stations…..NO SMART……in fact stupid……Do you not have mutual aid? Do you not resource share? It seems as if you need to……considering what was shown here!

  • FDCaptain02


    Any idea what this guy is rambling about in his description or his quotations about another dept being closer? The news story doesn’t seem to suggest anything of the sort. Just wondering if you had any other details?

    • dave statter

      No, I don’t.

  • VolFFinNC

    Wow I thought for sure they were going to let that exposure on the Bravo side catch so watching the video was very hard. Just watching the video from the start you can see dense black smoke being pushed out that side of the house. Just take a second to do a size up and read that smoke, don’t need to get tunnel vision just because you see some of the red stuff.

    A 2 1/2 was truly needed on that Bravo side. I thought I saw them stretch one to it eventually but not sure if it was used.

  • Anonymous

    Wow……sad display. Clearly these guys are just wearing costumes.

  • Fire21

    Wonder what the outcome would have looked like if that closer station had been notified first? Several minutes (2 miles) closer would have meant a lot! Also wonder what the screwup was that caused the farther station to be called first?

  • Cappy

    wow..Been to Summerville fire… know a little about how they roll and by and large they are pretty well squared away. The details of this incident will be interesting.
    Most disturbing for me is the apparent screwup of who was called when and from which dept/district. Who screwed this up.. based on the captioning placed on the video. Deploy the closest resources and sort out the other crap later.

  • Anonymous

    For the town of summerville to get into this neighborhood that is their district, they must first respond through another dept area. Doing so they must drive by two different stations that are Old Fort Fire Dept. That dept is a full time staffed dept. They only respond with 2 or 3 members per vehicle. Their response time would have been no longer than 5 mins max.