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Raw video & fireground audio: Back-to-back two-alarm fires in Buffalo, NY. Rescues & fatality at first fire.

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Early Frday morning Don Murtha III (murthad02) shot video of back-to-back two alarm fires in Buffalo, New York. During the first fire (above) on Timon Street, firefighter pulled out a mother and child. The mother died at the hospital. Here’s news coverage. Below is Don’s description:

Buffalo Firefighters responded early this morning at 0025 Hrs for a report of a structure fire on Timon St. Ladder 6 went on location reporting fire on the 1st floor with reports of 2 victims trapped inside. Rescue 1 reported an exposure involved & B-43 requested an additional 2 & 1 to the scene (E2, E31, L5). B-56 reported heavy fire on the 1st floor extending throughout, & requested the balance of the 2nd alarm to the scene. An additional 2 Engines (E36, E25) were also requested to the scene. B-56 reported 2 victims rescued by Rescue 1. One victim was pronounced at an area hospital.

Here’s Don’s description on the second fire (above). Note the evacuation order comes at 15:05:

Buffalo Firefighters responded early this morning at 0303 Hrs to investigate an odor of smoke on Forest Ave. Engine 19 went on location with smoke showing and requested the balance of the 1st alarm to the scene. B-44 reported heavy smoke from the rear of a 200×40 building and requested an additional 2 & 1 (E28, E36, L14) to the scene. B-56 reported heavy fire conditions on the 1st floor and requested the balance of the 2nd alarm to the scene. All crews were ordered out of the main fire building and defensive operations were used.



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  • Fire21

    1st video, I was beginning to wonder why they didn’t have more hoses in operation, when someone asked for more pressure, and the engineer said, I’m (suction) at zero now”. Heard the same thing in the 2nd video too.

    They used to build houses close to each other, and this is what resulted a lot. Then they got more spacing, but have lately returned to the old close spacing. Except nowadays they’re building them out of matchsticks!!

    Ay time a basement fire shows up in the attic, it’s just kicking your butt, and you’re probably not really doing anything wrong. Some buildings were just built to burn, and there’s nothing much you can do about it. I wonder if the officers would have any different strategies upon reflection.

  • Chief Waddahell

    WHERE IN GO0DS NAME ARE THE AERIAL PIPES Over 15mins of no ladders up Heavy fire and exposures require heavy water what is happening to the fire service these days Alot of guys standing around

    • Joe Fahey

      Chief, it was a narrow street with cars parked on one side. The only truck able to reach the fire was initially inside the structure conducting a search and rescue. One of my guys found one victim and another guy from Rescue 1 found the other. At that point, there was a five inch feed and a 21/2 feed in the street for the attack pumper. After moving these lines to the side, we then were able to maneuver the aerial in place.