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Arrival video: Small basement fire in Dumont, NJ.

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Something for a slow (so far) Sunday. Video by Matt Banta of a small basement fire late yesterday morning in Dumont, New Jersey.

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  • OldSutterOne

    Suprisingly few buffs for a Jersey Job!!!

  • Mike

    Looks like these guys watch to many FDNY videos, buckle up the pack straps.

  • Fire21

    Waist straps, gentlemen, waist straps!

  • slackjawedyokel

    $10,00 in leather helmets running around, but the guy in civvies was the only one chasing kinks.

  • Leatherhead

    Alot of these FF’s must have forgot how to connect the waist strap on their SCBA

  • WAJake

    I’ve got a theory that FDNY leaves them undone because they lack pockets on their pants…therefore you need easy access to your coat pockets…but that’s just a theory. I do see a lot of people leave them undone, maybe because they want to look cool or maybe because they have a practical reason. I don’t know them so I can’t answer for them.

    WHO CARES?? I can’t even think of a case where an undone waist strap has contributed to a LoDD or a “close call”. If it was really THAT big of a deal, I’m sure there would be some stupid NFPA rule by now. I can’t believe that the waist strap issue is the only thing you have to say about these videos. Since no one wants to say it, I will: Hey Dumont, looked like a good knock. I know nothing of your department, and I’m only looking at a 5 minute clip…but it looked pretty good.

    I swear the internet is ruining the fire service.

    And yes, I wear my damn waist strap.

  • MVFC1

    Was there something wrong with opening the windows vs taking the screens out and also I watched 3 engines and a truck company come into this scene not one of them laying a supply line.

    • BH

      Look again. At 3:11 what do you suppose that yellow stuff on the ground is?

      • MVFC1

        You are right however I didn’t see it cause I never watched the video that far should a priority.

  • Harry Rampe

    Two thingss i dislike,one is unbuckled waist straps theother face masks dangeling and getting in the wayNice stop and good use of a fog nozzle for ventalation.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, i love reading everybody’s comments about waist straps. I understand that we can turn them into an ‘extrication aide’ if we have a downed firefighter but SERIOUSLY, lay off. You guys must not go to many fire’s so therefore you have to pick apart at waist straps.

    I agree, i did not see any of the 3 engines forward or reverse lay a supply line, so i’m somehwat lost on that….However we cant see everything, mayber there was a middle of the block hydrant.

    These guys got on scene and had water flowing in a reasonably short amount of time, well done!

  • Pedro

    Seen a dude get pulled off a roof because his waist strap got caught in the door of a tower ladder bucket. He looked really silly hanging there 30 feet in the air…

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the second arriving went around the block and caught a plug at the corner, laid in to E-3.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, water flowing almost immediately. They went in and got it quickly. And all you KICs can do is pick apart their straps and helmets. Get over yourselves

  • Firebuff1

    the 2nd due engine does lay in if you watch the video you will see a person in civilian clothes hook the 5 inch bright yellow hose up to the first due engine and also if you listen to the radio chatter in the background you will hear the hydrant call command and notify them that they are standing by and command tells him to hold up onthe water. listen and watch before you critisize another department. GREAT STOP FELLAS!!

  • East Side Pride

    Great stop!!! Lots of hustle, not a bunch of glass breaking (other than the basement windows) hydraulic ventilation in place early on!! Looked like E-4 laid in (after they went around the block to leave room for the ladder)!!! Great job Dumont!!!

  • SafetyMike

    Put on your mask and breath clean air. These guys are killing themselves. Stupidity.