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Helmet-cam video: House fire in Levittown, PA.

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Video from prolitepete of a house fire in the Levittown, Pennsylvania area (Bucks County). No further information.


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  • Ricko

    This guys is all jacked up on Mt. Dew.

  • Mike

    Calm down, its not your house


    Did Captain Happy just use the $12000 camera to break the single pane window out?
    Anyway, is that the fire where the dog died?

  • CFD_FF

    Damn, calm down! Screaming from the minute you pull up. You’re a firefighter this is what you do – right? Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Take your time, be clear, go get it. Stop yelling like a little kid on Christmas Day. BTW – why did you break the window out? Was that your TIC that you used?

    Calm down.

  • Anonymous

    Nice vent job……. YOu are riding the front seat of the first arriving unit. Set the tone. Running around screaming, half a 360, and willynilly venting a window with I dont even know what. Be the officer, be a leader, and stay cool. The trash man doesnt get excited rounding the corner seeing trash cans, we dont get excited when we see fire. RELAX, Id personally remove this video for the sake of being cruicified.

  • CFD_FF

    I posted similarly on his YouTube page and he thanked me for the comment and said he would work on it. You have to give him credit, TONS of credit, for taking constructive criticism, which is what we were giving. It’s really tough in the FD to listen to criticism since we’re all type A. The fact that he took it well says a lot about him as a person and a FF. We all can learn from each other and we’re all brothers! Off the soapbox!

  • Capt Dick

    He will be voted Chief next election. He meets the criteria for sure.

  • Fatpete

    This video is from two different cams and there Is ALOT left Out,ALOT!!!! In the end I picked up on a lot of things I did well and things I need to work on that’s why I love the cam, If your trying to offend me trust me you don’t have what it takes!!!! Maybe the fires in the land of Make Belive all go well but in levittown they don’t! All companies put forth great effort and we made a quick stop. also we were the 2nd E and it was a Vulcan lite that smashed the window.( Def reget that it was a reaction sorry) And yes the dog was later found behind the toilet in the bathroom. As for its not my house I go to every call thinking and doing what I would want to happen at my house in the same situation It’s how I Sleep at night. Thanks and hope you can take something from this. FatPete

  • Steve in NJ

    Yeah that part of Bucks County PA ses a lot of fire. Definitely not their first rodeo. I do agree that the amount of screaming leaves people with the perception that the person doing the screaming is out of control whether that was the case or not. Bread and Butter job. Small single story rancher (probably on a slab). Piece of cake fire.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone did a good job at this call and I broke the other windows by the door after he broke the one window with the flashlight. besides even though it was blowing out the back, that smoke was banking down pretty much to the floor.

  • medic44

    It’s already been said, but SETTLE DOWN! And what were you thinking using the TIC to break a window?.. You have no business being in a command or leadership role if this is who you react to a “garden variety” house fire.

  • Matt-

    I remember my first fire!

  • Kevin D

    Now i know who’s to blame when im trying to talk on radio and keep getting stepped on…. Sounds like he keyed up the mic 20 times without saying a thing! Secure that thing or leave it on the truck

  • Danno

    Whoa dude!!! Calm down!!! The house is on fire, that is why they called you! Also, the fire was in the back of the house, why did you vent the front window possibly pulling the fire towards the hoseteam. Push your choke in next time!