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Arrival video: House fire in Calverton, MD. PGFD in action from 1991. Plus an apartment fire in Oxon Hill.

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Let’s take a trip back almost 22-years to June 1, 1991 and this video (above) from DaLoveMaster. It’s a house fire on Dunnington Road in Calverton, Maryland showing PGFD in action with mutual aid from Montgomery County.

And from the same year, the video below was taken at a three-alarm apartment fire at 1016 Palmer Road in Oxon Hill. A lot of old friends in this video. I am glad someone got some good shots of this fire, because PGPD tried to keep the news media at 210 and Palmer (almost a half mile away) until the fire was out and it was safe. We were told it might explode. But who’s bitter after all these years? Enjoy.


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  • play4keeps

    Other than the paidmen and the vollies going at it, that was a great era. Thanks, Dave!

  • Harry Rampe

    Brings back memories of riding the rear step and 3/4 boots.Good video showing the whole fireground.

  • Anonymous

    Two man engine?

    • Anonymous

      double the norm back then

  • Fire21

    Thank God for safer apparatus, better SCBAs, better turnouts, and better communications!

    Fun to watch how we used to do it, thanks, Dave.

  • PGFD16248

    My uncle Billy Hinton was burned on that fire on Palmer Rd. pretty sure he’s the reason the county did away with the 3/4 but even though I joined in 03 I still got to run some good fires over that way as a rookie. Those fires made you toughen up real quick!

  • David S.

    Beautiful does that bring back memories Dave . Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    what a difference time makes. It appears the first due engine arrived with only a driver and officer, and it appears some freelancing takes place when a solitary firefighter on ladder hits roof fire from exterior as you see a stream from inside at the same location

  • on the job

    Miss the sound of those old school dietrot diesels ….LOL

    • on the job

      detroit diesel

  • the ear

    They didn’t play games.Line at the door waiting for a nozzleman.The good old days.

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