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Pre-arrival video: Structure fire outside Las Vegas, NM.

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Video from lasvegastimestv of a fire last week. One firefighter on the scene when the video starts, waiting for the arrival of the rig. Here’s more from the website

A fire blazed through a home near Porkchop Hill in Las Vegas last Thursday evening. The Gallinas Volunteer Fire Department was first on the scene but nearby witnesses said that because their homes on Barela Street are outside city limits that by the time the volunteer fire fighters arrived that the home was too far gone to save. Also on the scene to battle the blaze was the Sheridan Volunteer Fire Department.


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  • VolFFinNC

    Did the vol. FF who was already on scene live right near by? The fire station according to Google Maps is about 2.1 miles from the scene so not sure why this guy was standing around all geared up well ahead of the engine instead of going to the station at least. Worse is the FF asking the people if they by any chance have a garden hose he can use.

    Also this being an older model mobile home they go up really quick and I consider them death traps as it is.

  • Fire21

    Location and condition-wise, this is identical to some of what we face in my department. Other than that, nothing is the same. We show way more hustle. We move up when spraying water. We aggressively attack even a loser such as this. Unfortunately there was nothing to save on arrival, but these guys should have displayed to the onlookers that there was some dedication in what they arrived to do.

  • CLT_FF

    Wow…how long did that PASS alarm sound? Dang, better check the batteries…I think it may have drained those the 9v’s

  • Justin Jensen

    Hey Dave this video would have to be from Las Vegas, NM. good way to tell is the New Mexico State Police officer that showed up at the start of the video. I only know this because i grew up in New Mexico and my brother is a NMSP officer. Just thought I would let you know.

    • dave statter

      Thanks. I changed it a while ago. I posted it in a hurry this morning rushing out to an appointment. Appreciate it.

  • Harry Rampe

    Maybe if they made an interior attack through the back door they would have saved whatever was in the bedroom.Usually important papers are keep there.Must say i have never seen a tanker/tender operation like that.

  • Scooter

    Did they ever go inside? Good set up on the tanker shuttle…However…. I got 2.15 to run the line and close to 3 min to flow water (from far, far, far, far, away), and 3 people on the top mount pump panel… Why? Agree with Fire21 show some zip in their step and go get it even if jumping window to window. Strike Da Box! K

  • slackjawedyokel

    Wonder why they didnt back the tanker (tender)in first thing ? Do you think they switched fron nurse tanker to drop tank ops ?

  • on the job

    Keep pulling that prime, letting it go to soon…..

  • RescueOne

    Feel sorry for some of these rural departments. Low call volume and poor training lead to some bad tactical decisions. Just crossing our fingers and hoping everybody makes it home at the end of the call is not the way we should conduct our business. The first pumper had more then enough water to put out this less then 1000 square foot trailer a third of which was well vented and gone. There wasn’t a single good reason to put anybody right in the smoke. That first line should have gone to the other side and let the wind help carry the water throughout what was left of the trailer. A word to the wise…EVERY video can be picked apart, so if you can’t stand the criticism do what the smart departments do….don’t post videos!
    Stay safe out there

  • clay

    Nice trucks and nice gear will do you squat if you don’t train or preplan.
    The choas with the porta-tank was ridiculous. I call it choas because 1. know where you’re suction is on the engine(not on the back then set tank closer on the side) 2. the closer you can set the tank to the suction the better it’ll suck and 3. know how things are going to work, back the tanker in first because you can always pump from the side but you can only dump from the back.
    True the trailer was probably a loss before but please run your tanker operations better. I speak from 16 years of rural fire service. With a minimum of 3 firefighters we can set up a 3,000 gallon porta-tank and have it full ready to go in 5 minutes. This circus is a disgrace to rural firefighters.

    • Anonymous

      Ya think?

  • Capt Dick

    Bomberos. Keepin it real.