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Raw video: Duplex fire in Blackstone, MA.

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Above is video from Matt Gregoire (sparkywfd) of Providence Fire Videos shot Tuesday morning at a duplex fire on Main Street in Blackstone, Massachusetts. At the bottom of the post is some pre-arrival video with narration from the neighbors.


The fire was raging when the Blackstone fire department arrived, but it made the fire easier to handle.

“It’s already opened itself up and exposed itself, so it’s a matter of surrounding and drowning,” said Chief Michael Sweeney of the Blackstone fire department.

“It apparently started where the wood stove pipe, and it was all legal pipe, went through the wall to the outside. Maybe there was a breach in there…That seems to be where it caught,” said Sweeney.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    FINALLY!!…A good reason to have two people in the aerial bucket!!

    • BH

      I’m not crazy about having two guns on a tower…. just reduces the water flow from each. Rather have all the water flowing out of one nozzle.

      Not sure that dispatcher is in the right career. Way too excited.

  • slackjawedyokel

    I think the little feller on the “exposure” line needs a short class in the concept of radiant heat.

  • Robert Kramer

    Personally, I think they went defensive way too early, but I do not know their staffing, traing, or experience level.

  • Chief Dill

    What ever happened to protecting property. I’ll be the armchair chief here and say where was the interior attack? The chief declaired defensive upon arrival and two floors weren’t even involved yet. I would venture to say that all property of those individuals living there was lost and the bulldozers finished the job. Robert your comments about staffing, training or experience level says it best.

  • Diggs

    Chief Dill-weed,
    Explain to me what you’re going to save? An entire floor/attic area involved on a wood frame structure. What happens when you burn the roof off a structure like that? And whether or not you go interior, it’s going to get bulldozed regardless. I’m sure the older you get, the better you were.