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Is Plano, TX Fire Chief Brian Crawford the best person to be at the gym with or the worst? You be the judge.

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It appears that when Plano, Texas Chief Brian Crawford decides to visit the gym on a Wednesday night, you better watch out because someone is likely to go into cardiac arrest. That’s the bad news. The good news is the two people that has happened to just three weeks apart are lucky to have had Chief Crawford and some other workers at the city run recreation center around.

You may recall the January 30 story we told you about of Chief Crawford having his workout interrupted to help the staff at Tom Muehlenbeck Center revive a 53-year-old man. Well, last Wednesday a reception was held at the rec center to honor the rescuers. The man who was revived was also there. 

Matthew Watkins at reports while the celebration was under way, a 62-year-old man went down in the middle of playing basketball at the center:

Again, parks department employees and the same paramedics who were being honored rushed to help the 62-year-old man. CPR was performed and the man was alert and talking by the time he was transported to the hospital.

“These CPR save stories are proof that our outreach efforts and CPR training are coming together and saving lives,” Crawford said in a press release. “Citizens are empowered with the knowledge and skill to do what needs to be done in the minutes after witnessing a cardiac arrest; calling 9-1-1 to get the fire crews on the way and performing CPR. Plano’s a great place to live, and while it may seem strangely comforting, a great place to have a cardiac arrest if you’re going to
have one.”

Congratulations to all involved.

My memory is hazy on this but I recall a similar story in the Washington, DC area years ago, except that in that case the revived victim of the first cardiac arrest, coded again during the ceremony and was revived again by the same crew. Who remembers this? Was it in Howard County or possibly Montgomery County? 


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  • Doug

    Dave, I’m not aware of it happening here in Howard County. That being said, we do have a massive push underway to train any and everyone in Hands-Only CPR. If they wish to find out more, they can visit to learn more.

    Congratulations to Plano and Chief Crawford!

  • Brian Haggerty

    Congrats to the Chief and others. Nothing more rewarding to save a life. Nothing better for you agency than to have the public hear what a great job and great people are working for their community.

  • Fire21

    Don’t know if you call all that good luck, a coincidence, or a blessing!! Well done, Chief and paramedics!

  • Tree

    We had an instance here couple of years ago during a fire department banquet at a neighboring department. One of the senior members stood up to tell a joke (a tradition) and in the middle of the joke he sat down and slumped over, in full arrest.

    Several paramedics were present at the dinner and got a save.

    The following year, the same member stood up and finished his joke. I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the house.