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Raw video & fireground audio: Evacuation ordered at apartment fire in Pemberton Township, NJ.

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Our long time reader and supporter from New Jersey, Steve Schnaudt (Firemedic2547), contributes this video from a February 26 fire at 350 Lakehurst Road in Pemberton Township, NJ (Burlington County).


The fire broke out shortly after 4:30 p.m. at The Pine Village Inn on the 300 block of Lakehurst Road in Browns Mills.

Arriving crews found flames shooting from the two story apartment building.

Firefighters were removed from the building and from the roof as the blaze spread.


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  • DC Truck

    Why is it that so many chiefs today pull the plug when fire comes through the roof? It’s called self-venting, and it is a good thing, especially on attic and top floor fires in non-lightweight structures. The self-venting has the same effect as cutting a hole in the roof – it makes it eaier to put the fire out! Keep ‘em in and let them do the job.

  • Anonymous

    That was a good job buring down the house.

    However, before we jump to conculsions, how much personnel was inside?
    Balloon const, sure, but with strong winds outside and 5-6 guys could have stopped the fire inside, IMO.

  • 95%er

    it looks like they really had it knocked when they ordered the evac tones. safety is important, but so is putting out the fire. though it looked like it was about to take off right before the evacuation was sounded, i didn’t see crews coming outside and the amount of smoke really lightened up as time went on.

  • Craig

    Hey guys this is the IC for the job, I rarely comment on incidents because I have walked for many years in a chiefs shoes, but since you brought a few comments up let me give you some insight, since I was there and you are watching a video. I have been on the job for over 37 years and a chief officer for over 10 years and I have never lost a firefighter on the fire grounds, simply put a building is not worth anyone’s life especially when it is like a maze inside. Our crews made an aggressive interior attack and it didn’t work, the fire was all over the inside. The building was built in the early seventies and has had many renovations over the years and it also had three roofs, we were also experiencing winds gust over 20 mph. I stand-by the order to pull out, no life is worth a structure we gave it our best shot but this time the fire beat us. So I appreciate the comments but these are the facts, everyone went home.

    Please stay safe
    Craig L. Augustoni, Fire Chief

    Pemberton Township Fire Department